Sunday, August 14, 2011


Don't try a Google image search for this word without safe search set to strict especially at the office.

So now the clown circus rolls on with the first stop in Iowa. My my how the bat shit crazies carry on. Just can't wait for the earfuls they'll get as they fumble about this land trying to find other crazies to cheer lead for their self serving cause. All hail the great wealthy elite and don't forget to make out those maximum donation checks to the (fill in the wing nuts' name) campaign because we just don't have enough from the Kokehead bros.
And I must wonder if 'Chellie doesn't slip into a skin tight black leather suit complete with whip and strap on to keep hubby in line because you just know republicans do it backwards. Ah, if only I had the photoshop skills of a Distributorcap or Darkblack? But alas I'll leave the graphic images to your imagination where their best kept.

Submissive? Let me see. I do believe it means: characteristic of a slave or servant. Gee doesn't that just make you delighted ladies? Here's a gal you can get behind if you're into bdsm I guess. Can we get a federal subsidy for gag balls and leather suits? Oops I forgot no more govment give aways unless you run a farm and don't really need the money. Oh and hubbys' medical practice with all that medicare money he shouldn't be taking.

But the last morsel of hypocrisy for her is to say how evil the government is while being part of the government. Humm, doesn't that make you evil?


jadedj said...

Respect...she said she meant respect. Give a gal a break...don't listen to what she SAID...listen to what she meant to say...after the fact. Idjit.

jadedj said...

"Idjit"...her, not you.

BBC said...

They're all evil, give it up and look for an interest that isn't driving you crazy all the time.

Go fishing or boating or camping, nothing is going to improve.

Drink a few beers and chill out.

Demeur said...

Idjit? Is that text talk?

Billy yeah maybe I'll drink a few beers and piss on you because you turned your comments off. What's the matter you afraid of a few girlies?

jadedj said...

Idjit is trailer talk. Her constituency.

Randal Graves said...

You dirty bastard.

BBC said...

I'm not afraid of any girlies, just got tired of that bitch that wouldn't go away.

Demeur said...

I knew it. Billy's afraid of the bitches. Billy's afraid of the bitch.

Hey it's called delete comment. That little trash can at the bottom of the comment. Not hard to click on it and the comment's gone.

Demeur said...

Dirty bastard? No I shower every day and I know who my mom and dad were. And you?

S.W. Anderson said...

This post and thread should be headlined, "The Story of "O No" :)

BBC said...

That bitch can leave comments faster than I can delete them, I don't have time for that much bullshit.

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