Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stupid News

It's the news you can't use that's meant to divert your attention from the real news.

Here's a sampling of yesterday's news curtosy of Yahoo news ( and I thought you were better than that).

Heart attack kills Philly cheesesteak stand owner
(That'll teach you what cholesterol is all about bud)

Girls Gone Wild creator charged with assault
(self explanatory)

Earthquake gives Rochester a mild nudge
(Yeah I think that's what earthquakes do)

Biz Kids to sell Own Fruit Products at
( You have a manufacturers license for that kids?)

And my very own addition that I see on nearly a daily basis

The dress that (fill in actress name here) wore to last nights' (fill in event)
(Like who cares unless it was your dress design getting panned)


BBC said...

I love good cheese cake, don't eat much of it but I love it when I do.

They thinned the herd some here this morning, with at least one traffic fatality. I suspect that a cell phone or primping may have been in play.

S.W. Anderson said...

And today, Thursday, Aug. 25, early afternoon, two of the featured slideshows at Yahoo! News are: Dog Yoga and Celebrity Class Photos ( ) featuring (are you ready?) Casey Anthony. Yes, Yahoo! deems this lowlife who stood trial accused of killing her own child, beat the rap and couldn't wait to go out for a drink and some partying, a celebrity.

I think that's a pretty good yardstick of what celebrity status has become in our media-warped society.

BBC said...

It's not just Yahoo, look at what is on Fox News.

Demeur said...

You mean Faux Noise Billy? That has never been and never will be news.

Ranch Chimp said...

I alwayz write what the voices in my head tell me to : )

Like BBC I like cheesecake too, unfortunately the last taste of cheesecake I had was out of a woman's ass : )