Sunday, July 3, 2011

A letter of appreciation if you can spot the errors in this photo

Or I could have entitled this who hired these bozos to do this job? This is our national crack oil spill response team?

Click on it for a closer look.

Answers later.

I believe the Blog Fodder has the most correct answers on this.
The answers
Blast Blogger is acting like Exxon so here's a cut and paste:

Neither guy is wearing gloves.
Neither is wearing respirators
Only one is wearing tyvec suit which doesn't protect
against oil. (Normally wear a pvc pants and jacket)
What's with the fall protection? Is he afraid he might
fall in and need rescued? If so why no safety line?
Reflective vest? What's he afraid a barge might hit him?
No need for a hard hat unless his partner goes ape and
intends to hit him with the shovel. But it looks good for the news cameras.
He's shoveling up oil and muck with no drum to put it in.

And not pictured are the supervisors and directors watching
with binoculars from the comfort of their air conditioned SUVs and
helicopters who won't get off their butts to really asses the damage.


The Blog Fodder said...

Rank amateur here but bare arms, no gloves, no coveralls might be a starter? I have no idea how toxic is crude oil so don't really know what if any protection is needed.
Looks like they are cleaning up with paper towels???

Randal Graves said...

Budget cuts, man, all they can afford to sop up that oil are some leftover napkins from a fast food joint.

Anonymous said...

Hard hats? Yeah, that'll help.

And the paper towels couldn't even wipe up bee pee ;-)

fourdinners said...

Very big he a Chef?....Maybe he thought it was cooking oil?