Thursday, July 14, 2011

What no Beer? !!!

In Minnesota those could be fightin words. First beer then wine and then other liquors but I'm sure when they run out of smokes it'll be a different story. If this goes too long this could be the start of a 21st century prohibition era for the state. I'd bet the bible thumpers are just delighted but they may have forgotten what happened when booze was banned in this country. I'm sure the hooch runners and hoarders are setting up to make a neat profit once store shelves are empty of popular brands. This time around Smokey and the Bandit won't have far to make their Coors run.
And just how stupid is all this fighting over taxes and budget? Slap a tax on any product and the company just passes the cost on to the consumer. A three or five cent a can tax on a can of beer is not going to stop people from drinking and the company does not need to lay off workers because of a tax. The end benefit is services for the state and a bit of help for the disabled and elderly.
But as this drags on I wonder what other products and services this will affect.

I'm sure the folks in surrounding states will all be singing "In Minnesota there is no beer!"


Randal Graves said...

Here's a golden opportunity to bring back the swanky speakeasy.

Roger Owen Green said...

The strange thing is that last Saturday, I was talking to a couple of friends about the MN state govt shutdown. Neither of them had any idea what I was talking about. One said, "You mean Wisconsin?" No, I mean Minnesota. One said, "Why isn't this on the news?" (I saw it, among other places, on ABC News.)

BBC said...

At about 55 cents a can beer is one of the few pleasures in life that I can afford.

It was four bucks for a small glass of it at the beer garden last week at the lawnmower races but I only bought one at that price.

Demeur said...

Yeah if I told them Randal sent me they'd probably punch me in the nose. ;-)

Surprisingly with all the news outlets the internet and all nobody pays attention. I'd bet if you asked them who won American Idol this year they could tell you. I couldn't.

So a nickel a can extra wouldn't kill you would it Billy? But four bucks?!!

Anonymous said...

Horsepiss tastes better than Billies Beer.

BBC said...

So a nickel a can extra wouldn't kill you would it Billy? But four bucks?!!

At four bucks a can it may be cheaper to switch to Prozac.

BBC said...

Anonymous - Fuck you.

Demeur said...

Wish I had some Billy Beer I hear they are a collector's item.