Monday, September 12, 2011

Call for help

I'm never one to ask for help even in the worst of times. I guess I'm a little too stubborn and proud that way but when I see somebody else in dire straights I'll be the first guy to lend a hand. With the last hurricane (Irene) that blew through the Northeast so many lost a whole lot and some lost everything. That's just what happened to a fellow blogger Tim Waters of Scared Stiff.
Here's a video he was able to shoot and post on his site of the aftermath
Tim is a proud guy like me and probably wouldn't think of asking for a hand out and it seems FEMA is stingy with their help as well. So if you would pop on over and buy him a beer. What's a beer cost these days anyway? Just look for the beer glass in the left hand side I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


BBC said...

I'd buy him a beer but I don't trust online payments. That reminds me, I'm down to about ten cans myself, better stock up on some more today.

Ahh the good old quiet northeast,

Boy, that's a lot to get hit with when you think things are pretty secure for you, good luck to him.

I don't think my place could ever flood but a good shaker could make me homeless I guess.

Oh well, I have back up places and I don't require much as long as I'm warm and dry.

BBC said...

Bank of America plans to cut about 30,000 jobs.

What ever, never did like that bank anyway.

S.W. Anderson said...

I put in enough for a few six packs, and wish I could do more. Maybe next month.

BBC, the safest way is to contact your credit card issuer if you have one and get them to create a separate card or account with a strict limit on it. Use that separate account for all online transactions, including Paypal. That way, if something goes wrong, you limit any loss from hacking or whatever.

BBC said...

S.W. : My credit cards are good for pretty high amounts so that is why I don't trust using them online. I'm aware that I can use other options but guess I'm too lazy too.

He'll do fine and if he is ever in the neighborhood I'll be happy to share some of my beer with him.