Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Obama needs to go

Rather than stand up for the middle and lower classes "Mr. Change we can believe in" is leading us right down the path that the republicans have carved. What nobody seemed to notice in that speech last night was that the bulk of the "Jobs Act" is nothing more than tax cuts. And you'll note that the bill must be offset by spending cuts. Just where do you think these cuts will come from? The military? Oh think again. Corporations? Ha think again. They have more lawyers and accountants than a teen heartthrob has fans. And they are the ones who make the laws anyway so you know where that will go. No Mr. Obama played nicely into the hands of the looney bus and will take that money right out of your pocket. How's that you might ask? Well remember when he lowered witholding from pay checks? That was 2%. Where'd it come from? Social Security taxes. There's a stupid move if I've ever seen one. Drain your retirement income to live for today. Isn't that what teens who haven't learned responsible spending habits do? And now he wants to give everybody a nice $1500 tax break only that will be from Social Security. You see a pattern here? This is just what the republicans want. And he wants to go after Medicare as well.
Then there's the $4000 tax incentive for businesses to hire. Nothing like trying to push a string down the street. The reason business isn't hiring is because there's no demand. So why would a business with no demand want to saddle themselves with more workers with nothing to make? At the very height of this past recession that very same idea was put in place. Back then it was $1000 credit. It didn't work then and it won't work now. All the businesses that I contacted during that time told me the same thing. "I can't keep my regular people working and many were laid off". At one point they even fired the receptionist and the phone was answered by the manager.

No, tell Obama what he can do with his grand Jobs Act. We don't need a republican in the white house any longer. The safety nets of this country were put there for a reason but he doesn't seem to get it. We need a true progressive who will stand up to the planks of the democratic party platform and not some weenie who caves on every issue.

Bank fails later.

Only one bank fail this week in FL


Randal Graves said...


Neither party gives a fuck, people. Know it. Learn it. Love it.

S.W. Anderson said...

Most of your complaints and concerns are legitimate. For now, it's better than nothing. And something is definitely needed so we don't tip over into another outright recession.

Things are lousy now, but make no mistake about how they can get much worse.

Roger Owen Green said...

yeah, except the GOP people are SO much worse (Perry, Bachmann especially) that I might have to vote AGAINST them rather than for BHO

BBC said...

He's a politician, what the hell do you expect from him? The left is as bad as the left.

I didn't hear the whole speech, just some part of it on NPR out in the boondocks. He said something like, "Americans are responsible people and they expect a responsible government."


Americans are a greedy bunch that wants their government to save their asses while they piss their money away on good times.

BBC said...

I mean that the left is as bad as the right.


Obama Refuses to Answer Question About Family’s Vacation Excesses on Taxpayer Dollars…
In another “not at all shocking” moment in the pompous attitude of President Obama, our Disaster in Chief completely sidesteps a question from a reporter on his excessive vacationing habits and the high bills being rung up by his family while most Americans have had to cut back or cut out on vacations on non-essentials completely. He laughed at the question. It was almost as if he was saying “Ha. You’re questioning me? Really? Dude, I can do what I want, when I want, and there’s nothing you can or will do to stop me.”
Ah yes…you asked for it, America! A President so conceited and narcissistic that he is too good to answer to the American people for his waste. Time to correct that error in November…
The Obama Family Never Learns When it Comes to Wasting Someone Else’s Money…
To the tune of more than $4,000,000, the Obama family is once again vacationing in Hawaii this Christmas. In the meantime, large masses of the American people cannot even afford a trip to Hawaii without all the security…let alone afford 17 days off away from their job.
Yup, the hideously wasteful first family continues to live lavishly on the American dime while laughing in the face of the American people who pay for their frivolity.
November 2012 – let’s get this pathetic excuse for a President and his taxpayer funds-wasting wife out of the White House and exile them off into the history books as the greatest failure of a first family we have all come to know them as.
Obama’s Daughters Are Now “Senior Staff” Members, According to Latest Michelle Obama Spending Spree…
In a bit of news shocking to even their grade school classmates, Sasha and Malia Obama have achieved the status of “Senior Staff” of their father’s White House. According to documents obtained by the website Judicial Watch following a FOIA request, the First Daughters were listed as such on the flight manifest, which also included Michelle Obama’s mother, niece, nephew, makeup person, and a hairstylist among the 21 passengers on board. The total for the flight – $424,142. That is JUST THE FLIGHT! Also included was almost $1,000 worth of food served on the plane. Yet to be released are documents concerning security, other transportation, lodging, meals off the plane, and so on. It is highly likely this trip could have topped $1,000,000 in taxpayer money!
This is just the latest example of how out of touch the Obama family is with this country and just how selfish they are as people. They are MORE than willing to take taxpayer-funded family vacations to exotic and expensive destinations that very few citizens in this country could ever afford after even a LIFETIME of savings. Yet, as the selfish swill they are, they engage in spending sprees of taxpayer dollars and falsify information on official government paperwork in an effort to justify their waste.
I guess what is the funniest thing about this latest pathetic taxpayer-funded excursion by the First…should we even call her a “Lady” anymore? I don’t know that “First Gold Digger” really fits, either, because she didn’t exactly “dig” for gold so much as decide she can spend as she pleases money which is not hers. But…yeah…the funniest things about the latest debacle is that the First Daughters were named “Senior Staff.”
Quite frankly, at their age, I bet their stuffed animals wouldn’t even refer to them as “Senior Staff” …I know mine didn’t when I was that old!
Just another sad tale in the story
Hypocrisy at it’s finest, America!

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