Sunday, September 4, 2011


Why is it that everybody seems to know quite well what the problems are in todays' society but nobody seems to want to do anything about it? All seems very simple.

Economy - With high unemployment and the fear of another down turn people aren't spending. With no demand the economy can not move forward. We desperately need to rebuild the infrastructure before it totally falls apart. But again nobody seems to want to do that.

Education - You don't advance education by cutting teachers or their pay and benefits. And there seems to be a misguided notion that a test score equals learning. A certificate does not mean you're proficient. What's lacking are problem solving skills relevant to the real world. The other thing is a students' ability to decern good information from bad. Something that's not taught anymore. And watch out if education becomes totally privatized. Advertising already has a strangle hold on the American mentality. Imagine what they'd do with a free hand in education.

War - Wars are never fought for principle or ideology. They are fought for economic gain plain and simple. The problem here is that those in the middle and the bottom land up paying the price. Even when there was a draft few senators' sons saw any combat action unless junior was dumb enough to go. So the middle and the bottom land up paying with lives and always get to pay the bill while those at the top get bonuses for selling the hardware and other necessities to the military industrial complex.

Health Care - Since when is being able to see a doctor a privilege? We have legal loan sharks in the form of the insurance industry. You pay your premiums for years and years with no claim and suddenly need care and it's as if you didn't exist. Just try and work your way through their maze of automated call centers that I'm not even sure are located in this country. And I just love how they think teeth and eyes are not considered part of your body. Medical care should never be for profit.

So what to do? Corporations are sitting on over 2 trillion dollars of profits. About half of that figure would easily get things going again if those at the top would start paying their fair share.
With education we have the greatest library at our fingertips the world has ever seen right in front of our faces. It's just a matter of teaching kids how to use it wisely. I don't believe there is anything that can't be learned with a little help and adult supervision with the Net.
With wars we'll just have to let them fight it out and decide for themselves. Once we're gone that's what they'll do anyway. If we're not there they won't have anyone but themselves to blame for their problems.
And with health care it's going to take a crowbar to pry the stranglehold of the insurance companies. Of any job that is of the least value in this country it has to be insurance salesman and the hoards of paper pushers behind them. When your job is to find the smallest reason to deny the coverage for something that's already been paid for you have to have some pretty low morals. Let's join the rest of the industrialized world with public coverage for all.


Roger Owen Green said...

Demeur for President!
Nah, they'd eat you alive, I'm afraid.

Demeur said...

That's true and like Groucho said, " Id never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member".

jadedj said...

"And I just love how they think teeth and eyes are not considered part of your body."

Best line I've heard all week!

Tom Harper said...

Appetizing picture at the top of your post. And on that note, cashews are super cheap at the new Grocery Outlet that just opened nearby.

BBC said...

Why is it that everybody seems to know quite well what the problems are in todays' society but nobody seems to want to do anything about it?

What makes you think they could change things? I see them trying to do that all the time and it gets them nowhere.

It's like me trying to get them to lose their religions.

Demeur said...

I'm sure you could get them to change their minds if they went to one of your wild naked spiritual meeting around the fire at the beach with cheap beer and bourbon.

an average patriot said...

It all sucks it does. Hope you had a nice Labor Day despite our political idiots.

Randal Graves said...

Rich crackers would never allow such hippie suggestions.

Demeur said...

The zombie apocalypse is coming. I say we get them to eat the rich first.

S.W. Anderson said...

A significant portion of the public has a mindset stuck in the 19th century — rugged individualist, captain of my own ship/master of my own fate, and all that. In earlier times, people could make their own opportunities and do well by moving out to free land and resources on the Western frontier. The frontier is gone, but for many the mindset remains, no matter how unrealistic.

Those people tend to be very tax averse, very suspicious of someone else benefiting in some way from their money, and dislike or hatred of government seems almost a genetic trait.

So, they are the roadblock, and Republicans are there to cater to their needs. And, screw everyone else.