Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mayhem merriment and little news

Texas is burning. The Northeast is drowning. The stock market is moving sideways. Housing is falling. Unemployment remains the same. The grand show of the news cycle goes on with its' usual predictability. Got something for everybody. In any given day somebody gets shot and killed unless of course you live in a little burg where everybody knows everybody else. Even then with the newly hostile environment that seems pervasive these days that shy guy down the street just might snap and turn the quiet village into a nightmare. He was such a nice man too.

Take any subject or any event and there seems to be a touch of violence in there somewhere. Can't go to an outdoor concert without the roof falling in on you. What's next? Bloodshed at the church ice cream social? "I told you I didn't want sprinkles on that damn it!" So it's knives and guns and bombs. What ever happened to the old fashioned fist fight to settle a score. Never hear about them anymore. Junior is more apt to come home in a body bag as come home with a shiner. Or worse slumped over on the front lawn with a bullet in the head. I guess it's true, diplomacy is dead. So much easier to settle a score with the maximum of force than talk it out. Nothing seems rational anymore either. We'll just carry on with what doesn't work until the last drop of blood, curled in a heap with a fist raised in the air as one last defiant gesture. I was right you know.

Ramblings of one half asleep. I can slack with the best of em.


Randal Graves said...

A chicken in every pot and a fist in every face.

Ranch Chimp said...

Damn Demeur ... I know this is serious shit, but this had me laughing up a storm reading it, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Demeur said...

No two chickens in every garage and a Glock in every face Randal.

Dang RC you guys in Texas have a perverted sense of humour.