Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crazy sci fi or is it?

The simple set up. A meteor crashes to earth containing a tiny virus that spreads rapidly. Soon a once nearly sane planet turns to the dark side. These are just bits and pieces in the never ending story of "Earth gone wild". (No boobs flashed here though) Film at 11.

Voter suppression law passed in North Carolina
Nothing says democracy like preventing people from voting. Cutting the days and hours one can vote will do wonders. And don't forget the birth certificate (that is if they even trust it) a government issued photo ID and what's next a DNA sample? 

Stocks open lower on weak outlook
Hey wasn't it just yesterday that everything was peaches and cream? Corporations see their profits slid. Why? Because nobody has any money left to steal (er finagle). And corporations are sitting on over a trillion dollars since the bailout. A vicious cycle there. Can't make a profit unless somebody buys something and people can't buy anything unless they're working. Most jobs now are either part time or temporary and only pay minimum wage. Try supporting a family on that Sam Walton. 

Containers of alcohol found in fatality accident that killed 5 in Texas
Someone once told me that it's not against the law to drink a beer and drive in Texas.  That makes sense if you're asking for trouble and it looks like those kids found it. There's enough idiots on the road gabbin on their cell phones or worse trying to text. It's okay it won't happen to me is their thinking. Famous last words. So while a bottle of Jack or an open can of Bud may be okay in Austin just don't get caught with a sex toy cause then they'll come down hard on you :-) 

Air force nuke program gets in trouble for failing inspection
Somebody forget where they left the president's phone number? And isn't this where the air force sends all it screw ups and under achievers? Something akin to the foreign legion of the military. Those guys must feel like the wall flower at the school prom.

A bank hostage taker claiming a device was implanted in his head was shot and killed by police.
What's that you say Mr. Reagan?  You'll open the doors to the mental hospitals and let people out and nothing will happen. Seems a lot of those folks made it to congress.

Lastly someone wrote a blog post touting the wonderful aspects of GMO foods but not exactly. Actually they proceeded to rip anyone who just might think GMOs were a bad thing. GMOs by the way are the genetically modified foods engineered to withstand a plague of locusts or a draught.
Sorry but I don't buy the arguments. They've been messing with our food for the past few decades and it now tastes like shit. Yes I said it. Sorry but I haven't had a "real" tomato in years. The shit, and I'll call it that, you get in stores here would make a great item for the Toronto Blue Jay's batting practice. And if you're looking for flavor you'd better eat the shipping carton it came in. It will have more flavor. 
If we let corporations take it to it's logical end we'll land up with square fruit and vegetables that have a shelf life of a twinkie. No one will know the exact health effects of this engineered food for another generation or so. But hey they touted asbestos as being a great thing for years right? 

Okay okay you got me it's been a slow news week/month.


billy pilgrim said...

the world is full of fat fucks that want cheap food, gmo's fit the bill.

BBC said...

Once nearly sane planet? Fuck, that was thousands of years ago.

Tom Harper said...

I haven't seen that blog post that praises GMO foods, but you can be sure the "blogger" is a Monsanto employee or lobbyist. A lot of pro-corporate bloggers have ties to the industries they're defending, but they take the Astroturf approach and pretend they're "just plain folks," "I'm just a regular guy who don't like them gummint bureaucrats."

BBC said...

I think space is pretty sterile, most likely something here will mutate and wipe out a bunch of us.