Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Secrets? Secrets? We don't have no stinking secrets

Laughable - that would be what I call the government's feeble attempt to distract from the impact and ramifications of the Snowden leaks. And while the powers that be and may soon not be have done everything but tap dance naked to divert your attention, they have irritated the one person they should have left alone. That would be Glenn Greenwald who holds enough information on them that they should be running scared. Arrest warrants and bully tactics is not helping their case. 

The latest in this misadventure is the governments demand to have hard drives at the offices of the Guardian newspaper destroyed. First off I'll bet the UK meanies didn't even bother checking the information. Secondly it shows how ignorant those trying to cover their misdeeds really are. Didn't they realize that there would be other copies of this information which by the way has now been spread all over the internet now. If you don't believe me I think if you'd give me a minute I could get you a copy. Be forewarned though, what the Guardian holds is close to a terra bit of information or so I'm told, it could be more.

You will note the latest attempt to fess up when the CIA revealed that yes they did indeed play a part in overthrowing a democratically elected leader and installing their guy as leader of Iran back in the 50s. Oh give me a break! Fessing up to the fact that there's an area 51 the best known secret is not something I'd call an earth shattering confession. Sorry but the priest is busy groping the alter boy to hear matters this trivial. Next they'll be telling us they helped overthrow the elected government in Guatemala with a fake uprising in the 50s, (yawn).

Tell us what you've been up to lately. You must have the goods on Eric Holder cause none of the wall street bankers has yet to see the inside of a jail cell. And maybe you've nudged Assad to take on the common folk in that country because it sure would make things difficult for Russia and stymie their plans. Then there's Egypt with it's rotating dictators, but all in all these are just guesses as to your misdeeds. Can't wait to read the book and the movie should be a blockbuster if it doesn't turn into a Russian novel. Maybe a miniseries is in order.

Sorry guys you have besmirched the reputation of a nation all in the name of truth justice and the American way. Which has now becomes lies injustice and for most of us Un American. Slapping a label on somebody no longer works when information travels at the speed of light. Facts can be checked and events recorded or viewed in real time. Come clean before it's too late.  


Tom Harper said...

Iran should be eternally grateful to us for getting rid of that no good commie 60 years ago. We replaced him with the Shah of Iran who brought Freedom and Liberty to the Iranian people.

BBC said...

I sure am enjoying these nice days.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've been particularly annoyed with Obama, who gives good speech about limiting the excesses on one hand, and asks SCOTUS to allow him to continue excesses on the other.

Demeur said...

Roger wasn't it King who said something to the effect of "Judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the nature of his character" or something like that?