Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More useless news you can't use

Fast food workers walk out to protest for higher wages.
When two of these jobs combined won't support a family you know something's wrong. And what do you think they'll get should the minimum wage be raised? Maybe a quarter an hour which won't cut it either. Owners rail against such increases but the truth is it's the taxpayer who have to cover the tab when a worker needs food stamps and medicaid just to get by. So that burger or pizza isn't so cheap after all.

Milk products from New Zealand tainted - Russia and China stop imports.
Okay China can just drink their own milk laced with plastic (melamaine - remember that?) that killed six babies not that long ago. But if you think that was bad I've noticed stores here trying to sell products past their pull date. Check your expiration dates folks.

Syrian rebels take four villages in a fight against Assad's army.
An interesting and seemingly smart military maneuver when you stop to consider these were Alawite areas, that's the people who make up the ruling party. However rather than hold off on any air attacks (This is a densely populated area), Assad's forces went right ahead and bombed these areas. Russia obviously doesn't care what happens to the country, they're only waiting for everything to collapse to go in and get after the oil and gas resources. The U.S. won't go in because to do so would be like diving into a hornets nest.

Lab made burgers?
This could be a paradigm shift in the way food is produced. A hamburger made from cloned stem cells was presented today in London by Mark Post its developer. Still needs a little work as the beef made from the stem cells of an organically grown cow had no fat content. Don't expect these burgers to show up on the value menu any time soon as this burger cost $330,000 to produce. Another thought comes to mind here too. Let's not let Monsanto get it's grubby mitts on this idea. We saw what they did to corn and other produce. Yum! an artificially made hamburger made and delivered by robots. For some reason a coffee vending machine comes to mind... yuck! never mind.

Let's not forget sports in this news cast

A-Rod gets caught cheating, lies about it then wants another chance.
This wasn't a one time deal where he greased a ball or something like that it was basically an entire career that's an outright lie. Maybe they could have an unlimited or ultimate baseball league where anything goes but until that happens my set will be turned off. And how do they expect any team loyalty with free agency where players are shuffled like a penuckle deck. The team with the lowest funds or cheap owners get stuck with minor leaguers or wash ups. The paint is almost dry now how exciting. I'll let you know when it is dry. I have my eye on it.

It's okay here. A bit drier than normal. But with the recent heat waves in the east expect some more violent weather to follow. But then that's just a guess because you have a 50/50 chance in any weather prediction. Either it rains or it doesn't.


Roger Owen Green said...

I saw some pushing for doubling the minimum wage, which of course won't happen, but it's less now, after inflation, than it was in 1967 (or 1993, for that matter)

BBC said...

If fast food workers get more money the prices to eat out will go up. Nan said on her blog that they'll keep the dollar menu items though, hell, that's all I order off of most of the time.

I think it's been a swell summer.

Tom Harper said...

A $330,000 burger, the new status symbol. If I was a millionaire, I'd go to a trendy restaurant and order THREE of them.

billy pilgrim said...

on the other hand, most of the pitchers a-rod was facing were probably on the juice.

The Blog Fodder said...

People blame the companies, which is stupid. If America has decent labour laws and health care, low wages in food service would still be a problem but not a deadly one as it is now.