Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Master disaster economically speaking

After all who doesn't like a good disaster?
The slow motion train wreck we call the worlds economy took another leap forward. With bent tracks and a very large curve ahead you'd better hold on to your hats and wallets too. 

India's rupee sank yet again. Just announced today that it's near to impossible to get a business loan in the euro zone. Oil has shot through the roof while investors have sought the safety of gold. Only problem there boys and girls is that you can't eat gold and most stores don't take it as tender.

The lame stream media continues it's drum beat to the build up of the attack on Syria. Geez you'd think Evil Knevil had come back from the dead and was about to jump the empire state building. All they need now is a sponsor. How about Smith & Wesson that might be fitting? This is all dick waving so just don't get caught on the backswing. There's enough lies and half truths flying about out there to make a conspiracy theorist's head explode. So what's this really about? It's about  money oil and power plain and simple. But for the media it's all about the show and how many bodies they can present on the nightly news because after all like a good action movie it's not over until the hero has gunned down an entire regiment of baddies. As the expression goes "if it bleeds it leads". In this case they have plenty of time to hype it and no one will really see who did what to whom until the dust clears.

Checking the trends you'd think that the biggest focus was about the latest indiscretion of the trending entertainer. After all they make a career out of it. Bad publicity is better than none in that business, but you'd be wrong. Not about the entertainers but about the trends. Latest I'm hearing facebook and twitter (although I use neither) is more about fears of an animal attack than any dress malfunction or bawdy performance. A gator attack in Florida and a wild big cat in Detroit seem to be making the top of the list. Syria is in there but it's nowhere near the top. But hen again our priorities shift as we get older. 

But this whole post was supposed to be about the economy. You can just about take any city state or country and plug it into the latest economic disaster report. If a city state or country says it's doing well they're lying. The only ones making it are those who have their money stashed in Switzerland Luxembourg or the Caymans. That's a fact you can take to the bank.
For me it's just about making it to the finish line before I take a dirt nap.  


BBC said...

I'm just thankful that my economy isn't taking too much of a hit even if my dollars don't go as far as they once did.

BBC said...

Civil wars, they are a bitch...

billy pilgrim said...

things are great here. the water is warm and there's plenty to eat. and best of all, the new tv season will soon start.

Randal Graves said...

The King of Sting! Apollo Creed!