Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday beaver and the "stupid party" Part II

Is it Friday already? And this will be the last fuzzy wet beaver for the season but fear not the pussies are coming.

The carnage on middle and lower class people continues with the House passing the food stamp bill. Fortunately this bill must pass the senate before it gets to the presidents' desk. The "stupid party" doesn't have as much influence there but we've seen some pretty stupid legislation come out of there. We did see the student loan bill emerge from its' bowels  that barely gave young people a fighting chance and god help you if you were after a post graduate degree.

And now we have a Chicago style gun down in a park in where else? Chicago. After DC shootings and Sandy Hook should we be surprised? LaPierres' answer to the problem is more guns. His thinking is if good guys had more guns we wouldn't have this problem. He seems to forget that many gun deaths in this country are the result of accidents and people doing away with a pesky relative or family member. So his stats are a bit wrong and with the stress this country is under we're likely to see more of the same. But that won't stop the whore for the NRA and gun manufacturers from spouting his nonsense. You'd think that the market for guns would be at saturation point with more guns than people in this country but you'd be wrong. I see little need for such items in todays' modern society. Let's face it there aren't wild bears roaming most neighborhoods, indians aren't circling the wagons and there won't be a russian invasion any time soon. But the wing nuts of the extreme right won't let facts get in the way of their armageddon wet dream where their fighting off liberal russian commie bears and their indian and black friends. Throw in a few zombies and vampires and it'll be the next hollywood blockbuster.

What should we really be afraid of as the clock ticks on? We should fear ignorance illness and more wars for these are the things that bring down entire societies. We are at an imbalance never seen before with entire nations being crushed under debt. The game can not continue but don't let that stop the stupid party from spewing their opinions. If you told them it was day they'd say it was night. They never let facts stand in their way. So it's just a matter of waiting for their followers to wake up and realize how played they were and that the party they stood by is giving them the shaft without so much as a thank you.

Okay enough rambling 
Bank fails later....
UPDATE No bank fails this week 


billy pilgrim said...

did you ever have a fish tank full of guppies?

they reproduce like crazy then at some point almost all of them die off. our parabolic population explosion will end the same way.

problem solved.

Demeur said...

Problem is Billy P the prelude to the end is not always pretty.