Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look! Not over here over there!

Digging through the fluff of U.S. main stream media past the latest diva temper tantrum or cute kitty playing the piano we search for real news that actually effects our lives. Buried deep in the far recesses you might find the truth, but it takes a big shovel and plenty of elbow grease.

While the primary focus has been an impending war with Syria, yes let's face it once the first missiles are fired it will be game on for the region, the economy sputters along producing little more than make work jobs that don't pay enough to cover the rent. Call me Henry Ford if building a hamburger can be considered a manufacturing job but it is. Where in this world the bullies of Wall Street and their partners in crime resort to line their pockets once again but by picking on the weakest. In the UK it's been by imposing a bedroom tax to those living in public housing as if they had much of a choice to their circumstances. How they're expected to downsize to avoid being thrown out on the street with draconian taxes is beyond belief, especially when there are no alternatives and no plans in the works to build smaller flats. In the U.S. it's been a freeze to public housing preventing those in line from even being considered. The lines have been so long in past years that it takes over a year to get a unit. While some advances were made prior to the melt down with duplexes being torn down and four and six-plexes built it did little to improve the situation with the poor being added. That would be those that lost good paying jobs and couldn't sell their homes with the mortgage melt down and that 's not to mention many losing much of their retirement income which was not FDIC insured.

Then we have the phony unemployment numbers. While they are reported as having gone down and seem to keep going down, it takes no genus to figure that something's awry when the jobs added and the claims filed don't quite jive especially when those who have fallen off unemployment when their claims ran out are no longer counted. I know of three such people in my neighborhood alone.

So what are our elected officials doing about all this? The senate has only now come back from it's long summer break but when they left it was mainly electing judges to the federal circuit courts a job that should have been done 4 years earlier.
On the House side it was business as usual with a bill to permit more foreign investment. Nothing like selling off the remains of our manufacturing to a foreign country. Do we still make anything other than planes or bombs? Then of course there's the favorite past time of the republicans getting rid of Obama care any way they can. Their latest ploy is to prevent the IRS from enacting any penalties by hand cuffing the secretary of the Treasury from enforcing the law. Further eroding the process was another amendment requiring stringent income verifications for anyone who may benefit from the program and receive a subsidy or co pay from the government. Once again proving that if they can't eliminate a program they'll make it extremely difficult to use much like what they've done to voting in many states.

Needless to say I have no use for republicans unless it's for a door stop or paper weight.       


Randal Graves said...

Dawn of the Dead is still the best zombie flick of all time.

BBC said...

I have no use for republicans or democrats. The truth is what you perceive it to be.

Tom Harper said...

Congress will be very busy for these next few weeks. They'll have to vote to repeal Obamacare at least ten more times if they want to keep getting their bribes from their HMO johns.