Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Random rants for a rainy day

Hump day bump day one day is good as the next. All the same you see. How bad? Nobody really knows. Afghanistan banana stand no bananas today got blown up in the drone hit what's the score today? Six of this half dozen of the other but fear not nobody's keeping score. Keep the stupid news rolling for stupid people. Hey didn't I see you on dancing with the stars? Perhaps not, too busy fighting while in line for the latest and greatest electronic gizmo that's soon to be obsolete in a week or two when they roll out version 2.0. Now comes in platinum! Not falling for their tricks and sure wouldn't wait in line unless it's the grocery store. No options there.

Get back to the grind you slacker! Oops forgot it was sold to the multinational venture capital. Now how can noses be flattened? Worked your butt off did you? You were probably obese anyway now pass the twinkies and hand over the remote somebody said there's a cage match with Oprah and Dr. Phil. Don't tell me there's nothing to do Capt. Kangaroo. Dig up the bones of Michael Jackson and call my lawyer there must be somebody left to sue.

To market to market to buy a fat pig. The speculators beat you to it now it's part of a derivatives contract leveraged all over Asia. The pig died but the paper lives on. That is until the investors catch on. Got a bridge for ya real cheap or perhaps the Eiffel tower would make good scrap metal the choice is yours. 

Slackers unite! Sit back and enjoy the grillings and scourings and scramblings. They scramble to scour then grill the nair do well. Fear not he only gets a fine in the end, a mere slap on the wrist whilst the real criminals are hoisted from the nearest yard arm. That'll teach em not to steal a loaf of bread. Going to steal something then steal the whole bakery, you get a cushy bonus and a plush retirement plan. Haven't we been down this road once before? Bucket shops now replaced with derivative traders it's all the same. Now shut up turn off the car ads and go shopping. Oh I forgot there's not much left in the old bank account and they cancelled your credit cards, so never mind.


BBC said...

Guess I didn’t spend much money last month, got a lot of it again, by my standards. I’ll sock some of it away in case I get to go fishing with Doc Teri and Tim again next year.

Was raining this morning, pretty nice now.

billy pilgrim said...

i've never watched dancing with the stars but i'm going to try and catch bill nye next week. it might be worthy of medicating myself for total enjoyment.

bbc makes an excellent point. not spending much is good, nothing fucks up big brother more than us cannon fodder not buying and going into debt for shit we don't need.