Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Stupid party Part I

The "stupid" party is at it again once more trying to rid us of having health care. So my question to you senator or congressman idiot is why should we pay for your health care when you won't  even help pay for ours? Spreading risk is what insurance does to lower costs. When everybody pays a little bit into a system it's a benefit to all. It's why we don't have dirt roads instead of paved highways although they are starting to fall apart because your party doesn't want them repaired. In fact looking back the last 30 or 40 years it was your party that has been the downfall of this country because you have voted in lock step to defund nearly everything good about this country. Pick any area and you'll see it was the "stupid party" that made cuts to everything from education to health care. 

Greed they said was a good thing quoting the movie "Wall Street". No senator greed has not been a good thing. It's why our bridges are falling down. It's why we have no affordable health care. It's why our educational system is becoming the worst in the world and unaffordable. Who after all would want to start out with the equivalent of two mortgages? You were fortunate enough to receive an education when it was subsidized with state and federal monies only to turn around and cut that funding. You then have the nerve to tell us it's our fault that we can't afford it.

Why we even pay your salaries is a puzzlement. You have done nothing the last many years. Being against something is all well and good if you have an idea to replace it but you are devoid of ideas. When the fools that follow you realize that you'd steal their pensions and sell their grandmothers all so you can make another dollar for your corporate backers it will be the end for your little game and that's what it seems to be for you, just a game. You produce nothing of benefit for the nation as a whole. And if you worked like that for any other employer you'd be fired. Why we put up with a party that's sexist and racist and does little to nothing is beyond comprehension. Come on think about one republican bill that's made it through congress since 2008. Why? Because there aren't any. Nothing nada not one idea other than being against everything. 

So maybe we should let you have you way and shut everything down. I could just see your corporate backers howling when their profits came screeching to a halt. No funding means only the required programs continue and that means all of the goodies to your buddies while Obamacare would continue. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot that is after you take it out of your mouth, but fear not I think Obamacare covers that.   


Tom Harper said...

Every organization needs a brand. If the GOP is no longer the Stupid Party, what will their brand be? Who will identify them?

Anonymous said...

It's the peckerheads in the South that hold the Rethugs program together.

Mealy mouth Mitch McConnell, Leslie Graham et cetera.

BBC said...

I think all the parties are stupid, that's why I don't belong to any of them.

Randal Graves said...

Don't worry, it'll all go to hell eventually, but it'll be slow enough to where we won't notice, thus Hell the Sequel will demand nary a glance.