Friday, September 13, 2013

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So much news it's almost overload

Where to begin? The irony meter blasts the scale with this on. Seems the blood suckers of Wall Street don't like it when things happen to them. Goldman Sachs employees in Switzerland have complained to the government about not being paid for overtime. What you didn't make enough selling off grandma's mortgage in the derivative bundle to make an even bigger bundle? Oh forgot you do that with entire countries now, pity you.

Totally under reported or non reported for that matter is the fact that every teacher in Mexico is now on strike. Tis true there's a rather large gathering in Mexico city so large the they shut down major highways but not by intent. It's just that so many came all at once. Reason? President and congress just passed a bill requiring all teachers to pass a standardized test in spanish or lose their license. Sounds good on the surface until you realize that there are over 300 different languages spoken in the country and so many of those areas are so remote they have little access even to learn spanish. In other news of that land they want to privatize the national oil company the country's primary source of revenue.

Other little snippets not getting reported was a protester killed in Turkey three days ago which caused more riots in the streets in Ankara. Noting to be seen of protests in Bulgaria or Slovenia so I guess they just don't count.

While we've heard much about tar sands oil spills of late in Mayflower and the train explosion in Lac Magantic (just who switched labels on the train at the border?) no reports from the Dominican Republic about what a certain Canadian gold mining company is doing to their environment. After polluting their streams beyond usability the company was so kind enough to provide water to the near by villages, a whopping 40 gallons per week for entire families to drink bath and wash their clothes. Much like saying "here's a quarter kid don't spend it all in one place". This scene by the way is being played out in so many countries as corporations use their grasp on governments to change laws to their favor. Harper in Canada is sending in his cronies to the western provinces to convince First Nation chiefs to cough up their land so he can ship more dirty tar sands oil to China. Forget about the environment and what long term damage it will do and don't believe all the hype about creating local jobs, most big outfits import their own cheap labor under special laws that lock out the locals. And as efficient as construction has become the whole thing could be built in 12 to 18 months. Once built it doesn't take an army of workers to run it either. They must think we've forgotten that systems are computerized and only need a handful of people to maintain.

The same is playing out in so many countries now it's hard to keep track. There's fracking just about everywhere now, that is if the land isn't being dug up to find gold. Coal seems to be taking a back seat for the moment but as the price of natural gas drops you can bet all but the biggest players will drop out and coal will be king once more. Poor West Virginia may land up as flat as the prairies with all the hill top mining and Pennsylvania could look like swiss cheese with all the gas drilling. You realize of course all of this is not good for the environment. They realized this way back when Pittsburgh was called "the smokey city" and finally decided to clean up the air. Now it's an assault on water and soil all driven by a quest for more profits. One thing to remember here is corporations could give a tinkers' damn about human life. They are in business for one reason and one reason only and that's to make money.

On that note bank fails later...  
UPDATE: Two banks failed this week. One in Texas and on in CT.   


BBC said...

"On Monday, a molasses pipeline leaked 233,000 gallons of molasses into Hawaii's Honolulu Harbor and it has turned into a killer mess with no quick solution."

Hum I didn’t know it could do that.

BBC said...

Regulators have closed banks in Texas and Connecticut, bringing the number of U.S. bank failures to 22 this year.

But I've never figured out why I should be concerned about that.

billy pilgrim said...

canadian first nations?

are you talking about fucking indians?

BBC said...


Demeur said...

No Billy P I don't fuck indians lol.

As to the bank fails I've been keeping track since the mess began.

BBC said...

Some indian chicks are pretty good fucking. :-)

Tom Harper said...

Whichever Canadian mining company it is that f*cked everything up in the Dominican Republic, I'm guessing it's the same company that wants to build a huge mine and processing plant in a remote part of Alaska, right on the edge of the world's largest salmon population.