Sunday, September 22, 2013

What this world needs is an enema

Bombs in Syria bombs in Iraq bombs in Pakistan it's enough to make you want to crawl back under the covers. If guns are said to be so great and the good guys are supposed to protect us from the bad guys then how come they're not? And people seem to have this idea that more guns will make everything better. No Sparky more just makes everything more dangerous. Do you really think you could out draw an intruder when they busted in with theirs already drawn? You couldn't get to the night stand fast enough and by the time you got the safety off he'd fill you full of lead. 

But with today's society stupidity and ignorance rains supreme. Forget the quest for honesty that's been cast out like left over pizza crusts. Rudeness rules the day or didn't you know that you jerk?! No holding back of snide comments or outright insults. But just try and hold someone's feet to the fire for buffoonish behavior and expect a tirade of yet more insults. Don't you dare call me stupid you moron. So I guess we've devolved to the point where if you can't shoot somebody then a verbal raping is the next best substitute. Where did mom go wrong? The stress level is near off the meter and it's only out of sheer necessity that anyone goes out at all especially not at night. You could get shot for just saying hello. Although with a kung fu rapier wit one can get by or at least disarm a situation long enough for a hasty retreat.

Have we moved to a "Clockwork Orange" world where we need to scurry about gathering food with a quick retreat back to our lares? A peek out the drawn curtains to see if the coast is clear? So if you see me coming don't shoot I'm unarmed but I guess that little detail doesn't matter anymore. Okay then one final request of a peaceful candle light vigil or maybe better yet a raucous drunken wake would be more in order. Always wanted to go out with a bang. So fitting for the times.     

Now get off my lawn!


Anonymous said...

"lairs" not "lares"

billy pilgrim said...

but on the plus side, there are some really good tv shows these days and the chinese have given us great big flat screen tvs.

Randal Graves said...

I blame smartphones.

BBC said...

I see that nothing improved while I was on the mountain for three days.

Tom Harper said...

I blame it all on marijuana and gay marriage.

Demeur said...

Anon you never made a typo?

Good TV? Paint drying is more interesting.

That's why my phone is stupid. I want no electronic device smarter than myself.

What did you expect with a bunch of dumb monkeys Billy?

No not enough drugs and you just keep your hands off my barrel.