Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doctors hanging it up

A survey of doctors says that many are planning to give it up due to case load and paperwork. I remember when doctors made house calls but then that was back when you saw a doctor only when death might have been near. There was the trip to the doctor's office when Billy got the marble stuck in his ear but for the most part nobody went for flu or sniffles.

What's up Doc?

What happened between then and now? Insurance companies that used to be not for profit were given free reign. With hospitals it was the same. The focus is now not on patient care but the bottom line. How many more bodies can we move through the clinic with less overhead. We all know what happens when people are rushed. Mistakes are made. So my advice is to check closely the medications you get before taking them. They can be the wrong drug or the wrong dose. People do make mistakes.


MRMacrum said...

A fine orthopeadic surgeon in my area gave up her practice not long ago because of the stupid amount of paperwork and increased hassle of getting insurance companies to pay their bills in a timely manner. Our community will miss her. She was a whiz at fixing up hand injuries in particular. She fixed mine and it has worked as she promised ever since.

I cannot understand people's assertion that this country's healthcare system is the best in the World. From my experience, it is anything but.

Snave said...

That's a shame if that is indeed a trend in the medical community!

I work as a speech therapist in public schools, and I wish I could quit sometimes due to the ridiculous amount of paperwork and a caseload that is big enough to be unmanageable. I work part-time after school at the local hospital, and it is actually far less obnoxious.

BBC said...

That is it in part.

But doctors have sure gotten greedy themselves. That doctor that confirmed my hernia billed Medicare $470.00 for just spending ten minutes with me.

That's bullshit. They may work less, but they sure will charge more to make up the difference.

BBC said...

I've been noticing that there is a lot of working people in this country with hernias that they can't get fixed because of how this system is now.

BBC said...

She is a younger doctor, and in it for the big bucks as much as anything else.

I like the older doctors better.