Sunday, November 30, 2008

More reasons I hate Windoze

So the other day I was happily surfing the web as always and one of those rude pop up windows interupted what was a pleasant experience. It wasn't from a web page but the computer itself telling me that it had already done it's dirty deed and was ready to shut down my computer or ask if I wanted to restart? Like a thief coming into your house and rearranging your furniture and changing all of your settings. He now asks if he should turn out the lights or leave them on for you. How thoughtful. First you ransack my private space then you want to cover your tracks. Don't bother to ask if I want this wonderful upgrade which probably has even more bugs in it than the last piece of crap program you put in it. Just go ahead and rape me.
This has never been the case with a Mac. Apple gives a list of potential upgrades and a link to their site that explains what it is and what it does. I guess Microsoft couldn't be bothered with such minute details. Mac also asks for verification giving the user the option of checking to see if this actually came from Apple and not some hacker deep inside Russia. Luckily I do not keep any sensitive info on this machine because it would be like going out for the day and leaving your doors and windows open in New York.
Ballmer and the Windoze crew wonder why nobody wants Vista. They're even resorting to calling it Mojave. Yeah you buy this and you'll feel like you're in the Mojave. I've talked to a few people who tried using it and spent hours trying to get their favorite music software to work with no luck. My advice to them was to trash the system and go back to using an older operating system or better still throw the damn thing away and get a Mac. And just like the Apple ad Vista isn't being fixed they're just throwing more money at advertising trying to have us believe Windoze people are just regular Joe the Plumber types. Yeah frustrated Joe's. Maybe that's why we have all the road rage these days. They're just frustrated Windoze users.
So why is a Mac better than a Windoze machine you might ask? Because the Apple machine was built with the software exactly matching the machine. When the economy improves I'd like to take this machine down to Windoze central and smash it with a hammer then I'll stop by the Apple Store and get something that works.


Anonymous said...

Because my son-in-law believes he KNOWS IT ALL, I HATE it when he keeps saying MAC MAC MAC I have replaced my various computers over four times while he keeps using his original MAC. This last time I purchased a laptop. Something I swore I'd never have, but I popped in a mouse to use, and now I love it.

EXCEPT it is Vista. The new Mojave commercials.....HA! I guess there are a few who believe it's the "new" Vista, but those people are too dumb to dial a phone.

I can't find anything on this damn Vista, and by the time I go to the XP desktop, I'm lost again, due to the learning curve erasing all memory of XP.

BBC said...

I bought my new winders puter while I cud still get XP. And I won't install the service pack 3 until it's been around for a while longer.

I'll keep this puter until something better than Vista comes along, maybe a Linix system.

Rik has a MAC that he is always fussing about. I think it is because the operator keeps putting too much winders crap on it.

But not knowing much about MACS I don't know if that is true.