Sunday, November 2, 2008

First they ripped up the constitution now this

Drug companies want total immunity from any liability in the event they produce drugs that harm patients. I guess now we have to become doctors in order to get medical treatment because if this passes muster in the Supreme Court your on your own if your hurt by a drug.

Take this pill but if you die from it don't blame me

Once again this is about unregulating an industry so that they can make bigger profits only this time instead of loosing a house you could land up loosing your life. This crap must stop. We saw what it did to banking.


Wayne John said...

I'm with ya, watching the slow downfall of America...sad.

BBC said...

Well, they do call it 'practicing' medicine, and they are a bunch of money mongering thugs.

And if they get away with that I expect the thing will be having to sign a waver for an operation so that if they fuck up and kill you it won't be their fault.

Actually, I think a lot of animal vets are better doctors than those that doctor us monkeys.

Oh well, I avoid taking most prescribed meds. But I have been very lucky for 65 years and haven't needed but a few.

I have some herpes strain that flairs up in my left eye, of all places, at times that I at times need drops for.

So every five or ten years I have to get some but I keep the old container here to show the doc what I need.

If they want me to try something else I refuse, if I know what works for me why should I do that?

They can practice on some other monkey.

BBC said...

Ya know, if I could have my own planet I would rip up the constitution also. It's just a document for the monkeys to fuck around with.

And if you had your own planet you would also, you would be it's monarch.