Thursday, November 6, 2008

What did Bill Cosby once say?...

There's always worse. Expect food prices to go up by 7 to 9% next year. Farmers will be trying to make up for rising prices of fuel, feed and fertilizer. Between the lay offs and foreclosures we now have increases in food. And if that wasn't bad enough expect power rates to go up as energy prices go back up. I guess it's time to plant that deck veggy garden. I tried starts inside with grow lights one year without much success.

Higher food costs

The scary thought in all of this is that if farmers can't make money because of costs they may be forced to cut back and increase prices more. You may recall the shortages in rice a few months back. Prices in Asia went to 80 cents or more per pound while the prices here were higher. We then saw prices here drop here as we imported large amounts. A drought anywhere around the globe could make things nasty.


BBC said...

I've thought of doing some gardening but may not do it unless forced to. More likely than not I'll just trade some of my work skills to farmers and ranchers if I need to.

But being as everything is paid for here food will have to get a lot more expensive for me not to afford it being as I've got more than enough extra money for it.

As for what others will do, I guess that is for them to figure out. I guess my only problem is to figure out where this sudden leak in the roof is and fix it soon.

I suppose it's raining just as much there also.

BBC said...

Besides, I can eat beans and rice for a year and be thankful for it.

Wayne John said...

Why do we treat the most important people like shit? Teachers and

I have something for you on my blog. :)

BBC said...

Wayne John, I don't think that teachers get treated that bad, they have better benefits and take better vacations than I do.

And they have better retirements. They sure are good at whining at how hard they have it though so that they can get more out of you.

I love and hate unions. Love them because they are needed, and hate them because they also get greedy.

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