Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I use a Mac

I was reading one of my favorite blogs an article about the trials and tribulations of getting service for a Windoze machine, the monitor and router to be exact. Poor gal spent ten hours on the phone with customer no service to eeeks India. Hope that was an 800 number. The Indians (dot not feather) told her to pack it up and send it to them with enough cash to cover new ones and they'd "fix it". Geez I though robbery was against the law. Hope all goes well with that but I digress.

When I first used a computer it was at a local school. This was back when Steve Jobs had provided schools with a bunch of Macs so naturally it was a Mac. A couple of years later I was looking to buy a computer. Not really knowing that much I started looking for a Mac but which one? I must have looked at five or six different models but not knowing hard drives from RAM it wasn't easy. One salesman on seeing my interest directed me to a windows machine saying this is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Mac. Well now I know why. I finally found a really good deal on a Mac and bought it. I later found out that this wasn't just a good deal it was a great deal. A coworker had bought a PC about the same time and we compared what we both got in the deal. He got a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse with just the system installed. I got the computer,monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, router, system and about 12 programs along with one year free internet and a year subscription to a Mac Magazine, a ream of printer paper and discounts on ink. The price was about $300 less than the PC.

Now the coupe de gras- I've been using a Windoze machine for the last few weeks just to see the difference. Where to start?

Windoze machine
1. Crashes on a regular basis
2. Keep sending messages that something is wrong with the system. Even though there isn't
3. Sends messages to update programs that I don't use.
4. You need to defrag the machine on a regular basis. Are computers phychotic?
5. Don't try running more than one program at a time it either slows the whole process or crashes the machine.
6. It's almost impossible to do a restart without problems.
7. Won't recognize hardware even though it's there.
8. With hardware disconnected keeps telling me there is no drivers or found new software for the hardware that isn't there.
9. Keep saying there problems with the browser.
10. Maybe I should take my own advice with this machine which was as follows:

a. Unplug computer
b. Open window
c. Pick up computer
d Throw computer from window or
e. Drop computer on Bill Gate's lawn
F Buy another Mac I already have the newest desktop but somebody's pigging it.


Iron_woman said...

The picture is so funny!!!This is the first time i saw it.

MRMacrum said...

Maybe I am just too numb to understand why one has the rep and the other gets slammed. I have no real problems with the PC I have now. Nor did I have problems with the last 2 PCs I had.

Years ago I did have an Apple computer. A IIGS. And then a first generation Mac. Did not have many problems with them either.

I am sure that if I made more demands of my PC, it would probably be doing what my wife's computer does, fail on a regular basis. All I use it for is my business, blogging, emails, music, and the occaisional freecell game.

I have learned over the years to practice safe computer usage. Back up frequently usually. Yes, defrag at least monthly or better yet once a week. It takes up less time. And don't visit sites that are more into bells and whistles than doing what they are supposed to do, give me information.

My only complaint are videos. Some play great. Others don't. Seems to be more an issue of the site I am visiting than the computer I am using.

That said, I hate the planned obselescence the evil Bill has built into his programs. I only got 9 years out of my last one. Eventually I could not find a printer that would work with the old Windows program.

I will say that back in the late 90s we decided that we would not buy off the shelf computers, but build our own so to speak by ordering them from a local computer business. No extraneous free programs but the ones we want. Good quality drives, and beefy chip fans, etc.

BBC said...

I started out with a 286 running on DOS. So I've just kept graduating up so to speak. In doing so I took the time to learn a lot.

I've bought a few off the shelf and had no problems to speak of. But my last two were built locally and have been the best.

I bought this one a year ago from the local shop and I love it, it kicks butt and runs all the programs I want to run at once.

You might say that I grew up on Windows and I'm okay with it and don't want to get a MAC and start a new learning process.

XP loaded the software for my old lazer jet just fine, no complaints.

Buy the time I get another new computer that may not recognize it I'll likely need a new printer anyway.

But in truth, I think that maybe we would all be better off tossing our computers out of the window and going back to the good old days.

BBC said...

I must say though, it's a great place to store boob pics.

Wayne John said...

Oddly enough, I don't have a single one of those issues. Which leads me to believe that the digital divide is in play here.

You know I battled with writing tech pieces that everyone would understand, without getting too kindergarten on everyone. It's not easy to be sure.

But I don't know what you're talking about Demeur...I love Windows (xp, not vista) :)

Scott1960 said...

If it wasn't for SolidWorks and games I'd be using Ubunut Linux for everything.