Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odd thoughts

I was thinking about some odd things. I do that from time to time. I really love to ask questions that nobody seems to know the answer to. Like stumping the instructors in my recert classes. Things like why can you overwater your lawn in the summer but it can rain all winter long with no ill effects?
With that in mind I came to Einstien's E=MC2 which is to say energy equals matter times the speed of light squared. If that is true and we know it is then mathematically M=E divided by C 2 or matter equals energy divided the speed of light squared. So somewhere in the universe energy is being converted into matter. Sorry I never took physics in college so this is all just speculations and random thoughts.

Here's another more practical whiz bang idea and I later find out that a scientist in China is working on the idea. I was wondering if it would be possible to recycle energy. We have at any given time electromagnetic energy coursing through our homes in the form of radio and TV waves. I wondered if it would be possible to capture this energy to use for lighting and powering small appliances. The Chinese scientist is working on using this energy for micro circuits and switches. I believe his ultimate goal is to get enough power to recharge cell phones without a power source. What got me to thinking about this is the old crystal radios that had no power source. The only problem is that to get any large amount of energy requires a very large collector wire. We saw that when NASA used a two mile cable as an experiment to produce electricity in space except the cable broke.

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