Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Typical. They get the elevator and we get the shaft

Remember when the urgent rush to bailout the banks and investment houses had to be done in days or the end times would result. When it was finalized the object was to get the subprime loans off the books so that banks could continue to function and a quick infusion of cash to keep the markets moving. Well forget it. Ain't gona happen. Rather than do the right think the rethuglicans and Bushco are going to steal the rest of the money meant for main street. Rather than try and clear the underwater loans from the books and there by help the average working person Paulson and the rest of the Sapranos are going to buy bank shares. Why wouldn't that work you might ask? What would a drunkin sailor on leave do if somebody handed him a wallet full of money? You got it. He'd go out and spend it on more booze and women. Hmmm AIG comes to mind when I think about that. Nothing like a oh what should we call it? Retreat? Victory party? Blow out? Oh that's right it's a genuine business meeting complete with bubbly and spa.

Another major theft

So what do you think the banks will do with the latest cash infusion? My money's on them going out and buying other banks. Any other guesses?

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BBC said...

Bonus's, vacations, retreats, more toys, whores. Whatever they have to agree too in order to get the money, then they will do what they like with it.