Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awards day

With so many graduations happening around the country and we all know what that means. Plenty of long winded speeches and of course awards. So with that in mind I'd like to take this opportunity to give out a few here at the old waste drum.

The Golden Hypocrisy Award goes to: Senator John Ensign republican senator from Nevada. Who has admitted to having an affair with the wife of one of his campaign workers. Ensign was at the forefront calling for president Clinton to resign as well as Larry Craig for his indescretion. Ya think maybe he should take his own advice and step down? In the process of issuing an apology Ensign missed an important senate vote that would have helped increase tourism in his state. Oh the Casino boys are not going to be happy with you now senator.

The What Do You Mean I Can't Just Make Up Rules Award goes to: John Yoo the legal advisor who came up with the rules on torture. Seems John forgot a couple of things before penning the green light for torture like our constitution and international laws that state it's illegal. Yoo is being sued by Jose Padilla the alledged "dirty bomber" for an amount of $1 for violating his constitutional rights. Gee John if you don't think what you wrote about was torture you wouldn't mind being interrogated using the same methods would you?

The Media Whore Award goes to: Sarah Palin who has managed to stay in the news way beyond any news cycle for a bad joke by David Letterman. Thanks Sarah, I think you've just given David's career a big boost while once again shown America what a big boob you are.

Last but not least.
The Wet Blanket Award goes to: Suzanne Lukas school superintendent of the Bonny Eagle High School in Maine. She denied a student there his diploma when all he did was blow a kiss to his parents. A note to Ms. Lukas: The Taliban are looking for a new social behavior enforcer, I think you should apply.

Update:It seems that Sen. Ensign has resigned just as I was posting this so I change his award to: Don't Let the Door Hit You In The Ass Award.


Tom Harper said...

I think Ensign stepped down from his leadership post (whatever it was), but he's still in the Senate. I don't know much about him; he's apparently just another 2-faced rightwinger who preaches one thing and practices the opposite.

I'm glad to see Sarah Palin still being a media whore. She's such a laughingstock by now, she doesn't have a prayer of getting elected to any higher office. She has as much credibility as Jerry Springer, or one of those people you see on Fear Factor.

Demeur said...

Nope Tom, Ensign's gone. That might mean Nevada getting another Dem in the next midterm.

S.W. Anderson said...

The latest AP atory as of about 6:10 p.m. Pacific time indicate only that Ensign resigned from being chairman of the Republican Policy Committee in the Senate.

Good list of brass-plated dipsticks. Maybe Yoo can provide some suitably painful form of public penance Ensign can do.