Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oops! What's wrong with this picture?

If you can't figure it out then you really don't belong in my profession.

Actually there's two things wrong but one is technical and not knowing you would have missed it.

I'll give the answers to this later in comments.

Okay times up pencils down answer in comments


The Blog Fodder said...

Three guys suited to the Nines and one guy standing around like it was a garden party. Get his ass out of there if it is really dangerous. Otherwise the suits are just so you can look professional and charge bundles.

Lockwood said...

Yeah, that was my guess, along with the fact that no-suit-guy is on the down-spray side of the cleaning crew. If the contaminant is sprayed off, he's in the spot to collect it. If unprotected, you should be where the photographer is.

BBC said...

Why is he pointing that wand at that guys ass?

Demeur said...

This was a photo from a Haz Mar crew responding to a Ricin incident here.

The looky lew is the incident commander who is standing in zone B (the decontamination zone) a no no.

Now for the other mistake. The guy being sprayed down is wearing Tyvec and a PAPR respirator. He's the one who was inside zone A (the hot zone). Minimum requirements for unknown amounts of a hazardous material is a level A suit and SCBA respirator. The two guys spraying are wearing SCBAs but the guy who did the actual work is underdressed with no fully encapsulating suit. And since he hasn't removed any of his equipment he's at the first step of decontamination the most dangerous.

The amount of Ricin that will kill you is less than the size of the head of a pin.

Don't think I'd care to work for this outfit.

Demeur said...

Billy - Maybe he just farted and they don't want the boss to smell it. Remember their wearing respirators.