Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michelle Bachmann

Michelle has taken stupidity to a new level. She has been miffed about the census stating some drivel about this being a data base for internment camps by the Obama administration. That it's some type of diabolical plot by the left. She's refusing to give any information other than name and address. Little does she know that the information collected determines the number of senators in congress. When a district looses population it looses it's representation. Ms. Bachmann by refusing to fill out the info completly thereby invalidates the count thereby lowering the number of people in her district. If enough people follow her lead as she is encouraging others to do, then she could lose her position as senator. Careful what you wish for senator, you just might get it. "Here's your sign"!


One Fly said...

What she's talking about is a questionnaire sent out to 1 in 40 households that does have a lot of questions and requires names and phone numbers. If you do not answer there can be penalty's but that just does not happen. This has been going on for some time.

Demeur said...

Yes I've filled one out myself but it does determine representation in congress. As Minn. is a sparsly populated state she could easily lose her position if her minons follow her lead.

Roger Owen Green said...

One Fly -The item in question is the ACS, which is replacing the long form of the decennial Census. these are largely the same questions that were askeed in 2000; we'll just have the info more frequently than every 10 years.
As I noted here, the Census only requires the names so they know the forms have come back, that theuy don;t count people twice, etc. They use the phone number to call in case info is missing. But the input is separate from the your personal info; so once it's in the db, it's tabulated in the collective.

Demeur- the ultimate determination of representation will be the decennial Census in 2000/2010/2020 etc., not the ACS.