Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A boring problem

As I posted last month the boring machine at the Brightwater treatment project broke down putting 60 of our guys out of work. What I didn't know was that there was actually two machines in operation. One was digging from east to west and another one was boring west to east. Well now the other machine just broke down putting 67 workers out. It could take several months months to fix this and will certainly screw up the schedule. The first break down
Add to this another 140 Boeing lay offs last week and the bankrupcy of Eddie Bauer and things aren't looking too great around here. The only good news is that there are several road projects scheduled to start next month that should get a few guys to work. As for me still nothing.
Murphy seems to be having a field day around here. Glad I finally got my garden going.

Link to The second machine breakdown

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an average patriot said...

Things sound pretty bad there. I hope you guys benefit and soon from the stimulus Bill. I didn't realize Eddie Bauer affected so many places. I just thought it was up here in Maine ! Man, Obama says things are picking up, Yeah!