Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is strange at times

A number four celeb has died. No more Billy Mays for Oxyclean. Billy was found dead this morning by his wife. Mays was 50. No cause of death given.
This is surprising in that there was four deaths in just a few days. But the real surprise was that two of the departed were just 50. I feel for his wife and family but I was no fan of his ads. Now I wonder if we'll get an endless loop of his ads. You know how that works, make as much money on the guy before kids start saying Billy who?

So when I depart this world here's a bit of instruction for those I leave behind. Hoist a brew or your favorite drink in my honor and then get about your business because you never know you just might be next. Life is short.


Utah Savage said...

I kept hearing and reading that Billy Mays died. I thought Billy Mays died a long time ago, but I was thinking about the baseball player. How is it a pitchman gets celebrity status. WTF? We no longer have any real values. If icon status is given to just any old good at his job tv face. Where are the great writers of our generation. They should be our icons, our heroes.

an average patriot said...

Hi Utah your funny that's Willy Mays but you know that right?

It is odd they both died at 50 when not expected but oh well. Mays death appears just to be a freak accident. We have been hearing his commercials all day. I'll hoist that brew to you tonight.

Demeur said...

Hey Jim I'm not dead yet even thought there are rumors of my demise.

Utah with (un) reality TV what did you expect? We were hoping for a series about my profession but it hasn't happened yet. :-)

BBC said...

Can't say that I've ever heard of him, I guess that just monkeys that watch a lot of TV have?

My birthday is tuesday, it's amazing that I got to 66 (almost) when I wasn't even trying or gave a crap.

Yes, life is uncertain, eat dessert first and get all the sex you can.

But don't bother with the screwed up women, just whack off. Hey, maybe that's why I'm still here.

A whack off a day keeps the doctor away. Ha ha ha.

Dying at fifty, my my, at fifty I was still good for two times a day, and if it killed me, would I have cared?

I think not.

BBC said...

I used to think that no one wanted to screw fat chicks. But considering the fat chicks I see with kids these days I guess I was wrong.

I guess there is always some stupid monkey willing to fuck a fat chick and make baby's that the taxpayers have to raise.

Boy, this country is in deep shit, what with all the stupid young fat idiots that will never be able to work much and contribute much to the system and the old fucks that don't want to die.

Interesting experiment though, America, I hope the future learns from it. Na, these fucking monkeys forget history almost as fast as it is made.

S.W. anderson said...

Demeur, like you I wasn't a fan of Billy Mays. I couldn't hit the mute button fast enough when his commercials came on. I found his voice grating, especially because he never talked, but shouted everything. The noise seemed to be propelled from somewhere just below his diaphragm.

Even so, I was surprised and saddened to learn that he had died. Despite some black-humor remarks, I wouldn't have had that happen to him. It sounds as though Mays probably suffered a subdural hematoma. He was hit in the head, or hit his head, during a very hard landing at Tampa's airport Saturday. Blew the plane's front tires, it was so hard.

This points up how important it is to be checked out by a medically trained person after a head injury. It sounds as though Mays had not been, which is a shame because if he had been, he well might be alive now.

As a possible point of trivia interest, about 50 years ago, one of the best big-band music arrangers and bandleaders in the business was a guy named Billy May. Among many other things, he wrote and arranged the title tune for Frank Sinatra's remarkable 1956 movie, "The Man With The Golden Arm." You can check out the movie title sequence at YouTube, but unfortunately the sound is weak and poor.

A sound sample at Amazon is briefer but the quality is very good. The piece is a slick, sophisticated big-band jazz composition that wound up topping national record sales charts for weeks.

Wayne said...

Yup, cleaning the TV one celeb at a time these days.

Now, if we can take care of Slamchop, all will be well with the world again.

I too, like you, feel sorry for the family, but I couldn't stand this man's line of work one bit. Hated it in fact and thought it right up there with cleaning an elephants anal cavity. Something you just shouldn't be watching on TV.

pygalgia said...

Having just turned 50 at the start of this year, it makes me somewhat nervous to see these guys dropping at the same age.
But I'm still feeling reasonably well for my age. I owe it all to good clean living.

Right...time for a brew.

Anonymous said...

I started watching PITCHMEN about a month ago and started enjoying Billy Mays more and I found him no longer irritating. Demeur...I started liking YOU quite a while back ya feelin'?

Joe and I are going to cremate the dog, cremate ourselves, then hope someone stirs us all together and not give a shit where we land. Gone is gone. Enjoying yourself while you're here is the hard part.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Demeur.....I think I know of a fucking 66 year old who refuses to die.....maybe you should hook him up with a fat chick? Me-thinks he protests too much..

S.W. anderson said...

By way of follow up, CNN Radio ran a brief story this afternoon that indicated Mays died of heart disease/failure. It didn't say, but I presume that whoever did the autopsy checked for subdural hematoma.

Either way, anyone who gets a hard knock on the head, as Mays said he had, should be checked out promptly by a doctor or other medically trained person.