Friday, June 19, 2009

Mountain Beaver

Not beaver mountain. For friday's Friday Beaver thought I'd try to one up Dana with an animal story of my own... Oh Hell who am I kidding I can't get anything on Dana. So here it is anyway.

Some years back I worked at Boeing doing some haz mat work for them as a contractor. We did chemical spills in the tunnels under the plant. On one particular night (my partner and I were nocturnal tunnel rats) we had finished cleaning up a small spill in the bowels of the building. It takes a bit to squeeze your body through the pipe filled tunnels. And I never figured out how my coworker an ex marine of 220lbs could fit through openings in pipes that I could barely fit through. I'm the guy they call on when nobody else will fit.
So we had finished my partner was taking a long extention cord to the van I was about fifty yards behind carrying a vac. As I got up to ground level and turned the corner I see my coworker flailing the extention cord around and whiping the ground. As I got closer I could see he was fighting off some angry critter. He tried backing away from it but it keep coming. By the time I got to him he had managed to drop kick it a couple of times and stunned it. I opened the lid of the vac and we shoveled it inside. Making sure the lid was shut tight we called their fire department to see what to do with it. The firemen borrowed a pair of leather gloves and we opened the container. He proceeded to nudge the beast a couple of times but no life there. He was nice enough to take the remains for further idenification, this of course after many jokes and jests to my coworker. The next day we got the word that he'd been attacked by one angry mountain beaver. The manager had to laugh and give him guff about being attacked by a beaver.

So watch out for those beavers they can be mean.


The Blog Fodder said...

As long as Mountain Beavers keep mountin' beavers...

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