Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stop blaming republicans?

Just watching Megan McCain on Bill Mahr last night. Didn't think I could stomach listening to her blather. Her biggest pet peeve was the president continuing to put blame on the last eight years. Well young lady I'd do that if just one aspect of American life wasn't touched in a bad way by the teenage mentality that ran this country for the last eight years. Like a teen party on a Friday night the "kids" got together and stole mom's checkbook and credit cards. They maxed out the cards and were bouncing checks all over town. When they were finished with the party I'm surprised the roof was still attached. But they weren't satisfied with just confining the party to mom and dads house. They had to wreck a couple places in the next towns over. When dad heard about the mess he started to prepare for the clean up even before he got there but he wasn't prepared for what he saw. When dad saw his checking accounts overdrawn and his cards maxed out he had to take out a bridge loan just to start with the clean up. The locks were broken the front windows were smashed and the carpet looked like it had been used as an ashtray. There was nothing in the fridge which had been unplugged and thrown into the backyard. All the dishes were broken and clothing from the closets was stuffed in the now overflowing drains. The second car was reposessed because nobody paid the bill like they were told and the mortgage payment missed.
And when confronted with the mess Missy, her brothers and all of their friends boldly said it was done by some of mom and dads friends. That it was all dads fault that they were now broke because he had to borrow money to fix the mess. Missy insisted she was a very responsible young lady as the drugs and condoms fell out of her purse. I don't know how those got there she insisted. It must have been one of dads friends.

So if you're smart Ms. McCain you'll keep your big mouth shut like the kids in my example and let mom and dad finish trying clean up the aftermath of what the republicans did to this country the last eight years. And no more back talk from you about this lest you find yourselves kicked out of the house for good. And when dad is trying his best to fix and clean up the mess stop telling him "No" you won't help. Because in doing so it only shows what a spoiled brat you really are.


S.W. anderson said...

Excellent analogy, LOL. I had a pretty good idea what the wrecking crew's justifications, lame excuses and attempts at blame shifting would be like once adults regained control. So far, things are turning out about as expected.

Tom Harper said...

Good description. If the drunken drug-addled spoiled teenagers won't help to clean up their own mess, the least they can do is STFU while the grownups are cleaning it up.

an average patriot said...

LOL! I get so pissed listening to McCain's torture crap and lies then that bitch gets right on and defends the scum!

Bustednuckles said...

Someone needs to put their hand on my shoulder and gently remind me exactly why this young lady is relevant to our public discourse because I fucking missed that.