Saturday, January 16, 2010

The battle continues - Dawn came

Before retiring I laid traps on the kitchen counter. A couple of shallow glasses of old forgotten cooking wine with a drop of dish soap. About fifty were floating face up. Still I wonder where they all came from. They had managed to regroup and begin a pre dawn offensive. There's nothing in this place that would provide a breeding ground. The morning battle raged for about an hour until the numbers dropped to just a few. The windows now look like a Gettysburg battlefield with fly corpses lining the sill. Sam Peckenpaugh would be envious. I'll wait a while as I have some errands to run but will be back later for an afternoon offensive and hopefully mop up operations later.

More news from the front later.

UPDATE: After a long late afternoon battle my side seems to have the upper hand. The traps worked like a charm and it now looks like their side is down to about a dozen special forces (quick little devils) and hard to see in the dark. Mop up operations tomorrow.


darkblack said...

Peckinpagh, hell! I want a full Sam Fuller, soldier!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone else but me seen James Cameron, Laser Cats promo on SNL. Its pretty good.