Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back for a short

The usual Friday pussy. And you thought I'd forget. Back for a brief day or two until the rest of the course continues. Enough information to make your head explode. So far they've taken a very simple subject and made it more complex than rocket science. This would be right up Randal's alley. But then again I wouldn't want to go there I might get mugged. Now I need to sit down and rewrite my class notes as the instructor talked faster than an auctioneer on speed. Should I make it through this course without going stark raving mad it will be a true wonder.

And as for the angry pussy It's about how I feel after hearing the news today for the first time in five days. Geez you can't step out for a minute without the world going to hell.

Friday bank failures: (almost forgot) Five more banks hit the skids in Mo. Fla. N.M. Ore. and Wa.


BBC said...

Yeah, the news, but it's still going pretty much the way I expected it to and I had to be right about things going to hell sooner or later.

I didn't do much of a post today, mostly just some camping pictures.

BBC said...

You was on my side and didn't have time for a visit?

Why - why - why, you little son of a bitch !!!

Nothing is more important than visiting me, ha ha ha ha

S.W. Anderson said...

You might even say the country went up Randal's alley this week. :)

However, as bad as things seem here right now, look at Haiti and realize they can always be much worse.

Randal Graves said...

Hey, it's not my fault America is stupid. ;-)

At least we didn't send Blackwater to Haiti, they've got one thing going for them.

Tom Harper said...

Like the Angry Pussy. Fits the national mood perfectly.

Randal, didn't you hear? Blackwater is on its way to Haiti as we speak, with orders to shoot looters on sight.

an average patriot said...

That's some pussy! I have to laugh, one of my sons just got another stripe and is in training to prepare fo the authority and sad the same thing. Sounds like a typical College course to me!