Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few random things

Not much to post the last few days. I did skip the Friday pussy as I had posted several during the week. More to come later. I also usually post the bank failures on Friday but I guess due to the holiday there were none.

Once again we are reactive on security measures of airport security. I knew this was a sham when they put armed national guard at the airport after 911. No way they were going to open fire in a crowded airport. It was all for show. The real issue is that there are 500,000 people on the watch list with 4000 on the no fly list. Then I'm sure there are those that are on no list who would do us harm. Interesting to note that the security people in other countries aren't doing the full body scans. The people won't put up with it. If the airlines go too far people will just not bother to fly.

A nephew of mine was just sent to Afghanistan. He's a pilot. I wonder if he'll have to go toe to toe with the Taliban air force? I guess the biggest fear there is getting to the airport. I hear the road is not too safe.

I like it. A lawyer says he may sue Bank of America. They jacked his rate to 28% and lowered his debt limit meaning fees and penalties. He wants a jury trial. His contention is that the bank got a loan from the taxpayers at 1% and now want to squeeze him with a usery rate. Sound familiar? Have you checked your rate lately?


Four Dinners said...

The Taliban have an air force? No way!!! Camels can't fly!!!...;-)

Hope he comes home in one piece mate. I'll keep me fingers and toes crossed.

Airport security? Yeah...right.

Until recently I worked in cargo at Heathrow Airport.

Security on the passenger side is ok.

On the cargo side?

If I was a terrorist I could get a fucking army onto the runways in 3 minutes from arrival in the cargo village.

I kid you not.

Take a boat eh?

Have a Happy New Year old bean.

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

You know, airport security is a facade. It is only to make people feel secure. We are less secure today than before 911 we can't secure the borders, the coasts, our ports, nothing, we have been lucky up to now but that will end and Cheney will blame it on Obama!

When one of my sons was in Afghanistan commanding a Fob and training Afghani's I warned him not to turn his back on them. I still can't understand the CIA not frisking that ass. Those people want to kill us period that is what they live for, to die killing us. Consider the source! Not you

an average patriot said...

Four Dinners that's funny!

S.W. Anderson said...

"I knew this was a sham when they put armed national guard at the airport after 911. No way they were going to open fire in a crowded airport. It was all for show."

Don't be too sure about that. They almost certainly wouldn't fire at someone they want to detain, who's just fleeing. But if some crazy is firing at them or the crowd, all bets are off.

I recall a shooting incident at the nearby AF base hospital some years ago. A Security Policeman fired his issued Beretta at a crazy who had killed and injured people in the hospital, and was trying to flee. The SP fired at the killer, toward the hospital entrance, with people inside. He shot from just about as far away as he could take a shot with any hope of accuracy. He killed the perp with one perfect head shot. A bad shot could've gone into the hospital, ricocheting until it finally hit someone.

More recently, in upstate New York, police had a gunbattle with a shooter in a mall. They weren't the least bit shy about shooting at him, because if the shooter had been left to do his thing, more people would definitely have been killed.

About that lawyer suing the bank, good for him. I hope he cleans up.

It's past time for restoring usury laws, with ceilings on interest rates and criminal penalties for loan sharking.

BBC said...

My rate went up recently but it really doesn't matter being as I never borrow from them and keep my credit card paid up monthly.

I sure have fun with the gals in my bank, I had them in stitches today. There was a big shot from corporate there and she was trying to sell me on some things, when I was done with her she damn sure knew that they wasn’t making a penny on me but she was having a good laugh.

I don't have any problem with any airport security, I don't fly. I figure that only idiots that want to risk falling out of the sky fly.

BBC said...

Contracts down: Is housing headed for double-dip?

Looks like it. The same thing happened during the great depression.

Glad I saw it coming and got ready for it.

Tom Harper said...

Those welfare-guzzling banks should be forced to pay back their bailout "loans" at 28% interest, plus all sorts of hidden penalties and surcharges. Fair is fair.