Thursday, January 7, 2010


Now that all the New Years wishes are out of the way and it's 7 days into the new year I'm not seeing much in the way of hope. I've scanned all the newspapers and business journals for possible prospects and I don't see even rumors of work. Unemployment for those on their last extention will run out at the end of next month with no jobs program in place. Everyone in DC is running around like a chicken with their head cut off worried about exploding underpants and getting paybacks to their insurance masters. All this while a whole bunch of Americans are worried whether they'll have any food or a place to live come March.

Looking around my neighborhood I'm seeing a whole bunch of moving vans and they aren't moving in that's for sure. One guy near me has had his place on the market for almost two years now. He lowered the price to below market value and still no takers. I guess the bankers are busy with their winter vacations spending all that bail out money we just gave them. Too busy to do mortgages but don't forget to sign up for our latest savings plan that pays squat in interest. Then we'll give you a debit card so we can hold your money hostage, cause overdrafts and hit you with fees. Or maybe you'd like to sign up for our newest credit cards where we just jacked up the rates that would make a loan shark blush.

Mom! Billy peed in the food dish again!


Tom Harper said...

Exploding underpants make much better headlines than the usual humdrum about foreclosures and unemployment.

So you're saying I wasn't supposed to pee in the food dish? Oh.

BBC said...

Billy? It sounds like my asshole brother John, that liked to shit in the tub when we were in it. I hated having to share the tub with him.

Anyway, everything is going to be fixed some so there is no reason for us men to worry about any of it.

After American women gain the right to vote in the late 1800's they are going too get things fixed right up.

There won't be anymore wars, greed, etc. And I'm assuming, no more spoiled women.

Wait, I seem to be a little confused, what year is it? Wasn't the 1800's like some time behind us? Or does our calender go backwards?

Anyway, no worries, we can go fishing and camping cuz da females are going to fix everything. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

BBC said...

Reply to your comment on my blog.

Well, as long as they can carry a book of matches that is fine with me. But they should also be able to carry a good pocket knife as long as I can't when flying.

If I go down in a plane and I'm one of the few survivors, or the only one, I want to know where the matches and pocket knife is on that plane being as my life is likely to depend on having those things.

With just those two things I can survive in almost any wild and remote country.

I can start a fire without the matches, but it's just easier that way.

Four Dinners said...

Maximus Spittimus has requested I send greetings to 'pussum cat'.

Therefore I do.

Best Regards,

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp to

Distributorcap said...

this is really rome burning