Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh how times have changed

Used to be you could walk just about anywhere in most cities without being hassled. Now you wonder if you aren't taking your life in your own hands by stepping out at night. If gangs don't get you then some depressed laid off neighbor might be wanting to eliminate his family over a playstation or ipod argument. They say drinking and drug use is up and we all know what that leads to. Always thought that was interesting that if you go in for treatment the first thing they ask you is are you on any medication or have you been drinking? And when you tell them no they immediately put you on some medication. And now they're trying to decriminalize drug use here. I'm kind of on the fence with that. On the one hand what you do in your own home is your business, but knowing what people do if they are given an inch is the other issue. I hear the pot of today is far more potent than it was 20 or 30 years ago and can just picture an SUV with a driver with a joint in one hand and the cell phone texting in the other. Gee ma I told you I was a multitasker as he/she runs right into the utility pole or worse.

And now we are all suspects even without cause. It doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing because habeus corpus is no more especially in Britain. I don't think I could live in that country. Hear it's getting to the point that they have more CCTV cameras than people. I'd be tempted to put up a website with a rectal camera just to prove to the bobbies I had nothing to hide. "You suspect me officer?" "Well then let's forgo the search and you can check out my latest web pictures." "How do you like that mate?"
Ah yes the insanity of it all.

What to do about Haiti? You thought New Orleans was bad. But as the Coz always said there's always worse. So what to do?
Should they all just be evacuated and bulldoze what's left? Or use the country for military target practice.
There's nothing left there in the way of resources. They were just getting over a couple of hurricanes and now this.


BBC said...

I'm not into helping idiots that live on a little over populated island. It's the poorest nation in this hemisphere and has a population of over 10,000,000 monkeys in an area that is always getting hit with natural disasters.

I think it's stupid to keep helping them and sending them aid, they've been depending on others for years just to keep on going on.

If they had any brains they would reduce their numbers. Like you said, nothing for resources there to support them, not that many for damn sure.

I've been in every big city in the states, often in the hard core parts of them. But being the idiot I am I didn't much worry about what may happen to me.

I often kept my truck doors locked, and at times packed a gun, but all in all never did run into any real problems out there, lucky I guess.

Parts of NY was - weird.

BBC said...

Hear it's getting to the point that they have more CCTV cameras than people.

I have no problem with that. But the reason we are getting that is because we are not beating the crap out of those that deserve to have the crap beat out of them.

Anarchy will include enforcing your own laws and property, I hope you own a gun.

MRMacrum said...

We can look at these trying times as ones to dig in hard and maybe help a few others dig out. Or be like Billy and tell em all to go to Hell. He's sure we're headed that way anyway.

There's a fork in the road. Take it.

Tom Harper said...

That's not true about today's pot being more potent than the pot of 20 years ago. I just took a few tokes a minute ago and I

BBC said...

That's not true about today's pot being more potent than the pot of 20 years ago.

I wouldn't know about that but over 30 years ago my brother gave me some that was very interesting. It's the only pot that ever gave me a kick.

Not that I've ever smoked much pot, just never got into it. Seems like everyone I know is into it though.

BBC said...

As fast as we are running out of resources it may not be that long before we are in the same boat they are. America would be wise to see them as an example. Not that I think that all in all America is that wise.

Randal Graves said...

Uh, hey, tom, didn't Barney teach you that sharing means caring?

Four Dinners said...

I occasionally walk through Hayes Town (Hayes, Middlesex, England) for the hell of it.

Thing is, I'm 52 and sooner than later I won't be able to.

Right now I'm still in a ruck.

I wear my MA jacket with my Union Flag and St George Flag badges.

Caz doesn't like me doing it.

"You'll wind them up" - them being the Somalian street gangs that are currently trying to control Hayes Town after nightfall.

They still look at me a bit warily.

I have had to punch a couple so the ground rules are laid.

Some even say "Hi".

I wonder what happens when I'm 57 or 61?

Welcome to the UK in the 21st Century.