Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise surprise Pelosi grows a set

The senate passed the financial aid package to get aid to the states for FMAP along with funding for a whole bunch of teachers who were scheduled to be laid off just before the school year started. If I didn't know better I'd have thought hell just froze over.
Pelosi is calling the house back in session after they had just gone on summer break an unprecedented move. About time you grew a set Nancy!
In addition I hear senator Stabenow is putting together a jobs bill to help the 99ers.
All I can say is why oh why have they waited so long? People don't want handouts they want jobs. What republicans fail to realize is that we could pay off the national debt and there'd still be massive unemployment because there would be no demand. You can't have demand without money to spend and you can't have money to spend without a job. In recessions past things turned around when the corporate coffers were stuffed. They had no choice but to spend to expand. Not so this time around. They're satisfied with sitting on the cash and making workers they didn't lay off do the work of three people.


BBC said...

Financial aid package...


The fucking Democrats aren't any better than the repukes, they just have a better sales pitch at this time.

It's all going to tumble, there's nothing holding it up.

Anyone that thinks they are an expert on politics and government is living a delusion.

And that includes you. :-)

Randal Graves said...

Comical how we now equate doing the bare minimum to help folks as having grown a set. The dums suck.

Demeur said...

Well fuck you too Billy. Just because you want to live in a tent like a hermit doesn't mean the rest of us do. ;-P

Tom Harper said...

Congrats to Nancy for growing a pair.

[rriiiing] That's Harry Reid on the phone; he wants to ask Nancy if he can borrow her balls.

Tim said...

You beat me, I was going to suggest she let Obama borrow them...
See you snooze you lose...;)

S.W. Anderson said...

It would suit me fine if Nancy Pelosi was president. The lady is smart and has real grit. I don't doubt that if she was president, Republicans would wish they had Slick Willie back, because dealing with him was easier.