Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogging slackery

Not much to post about of late. Guess we get like that from time to time. Had my fill of Limpballs, Lohan, Palin and the Teabag crowd.

Dancing shrimp taken off the menu in Calif. Gee and I didn't know they had rhythm.

Border checkpoint to close at Whitetail, Montana. If you do a Google look you'll notice that it's in the middle of nowhere. Our side looks like an old gas station minus the pumps on a two lane road. The Canadian side looks the same. I'd bet they can't remember when the last time somebody passed through that area. It's miles and miles of miles and miles.

Google starting to play censor has a list of words that result in blank pages in instant search. You though granny was bad about a dirty mouth. I always thought there were only 7 words we couldn't use. Google has 2600 and they're adding to the list. Naughty Naughty
But far be it from Google to know that most 10 year olds have figured out exactly how to get around their little ploy. Pop into any public library and check the "kid friendly" computers. You just keep your hands on the keyboard where we can see em kids!


Roger Owen Green said...

Glenn Beck is coming to perform in Albany, NY this spring, it was announced today. Get your tickets now.

Demeur said...

Sorry Roger my tomatoes aren't quit rotten enough.

BBC said...

This page is NOT suitable for children, ministers, senators, or the mass media.

Wait a fucking minute, I'm a fucking card carrying minister that believes in free speech and that includes saying fuck if you want to.

I can get to know just about any minister and soon have him/her saying fuck also, they're just a bunch of fucking fakes in public so they can fill the offering plates.

And those putting money in those plates, I can get most of them to say fuck also.

Border checkpoint to close at Whitetail, Montana.

Been there, done that, you're right, not much there.

Hey Google, censer this you motherfuckers, since when did you become a bunch of fucking christians?

BBC said...

Those idiots sit in Google headquarters saying fuck all the time and all of a sudden they have a problem with the rest of us saying it?

I thought they were above Yahoo news, guess I'm wrong.

BBC said...

Does anyone say fuck more than a news reporter? Just because they don't put it in text doesn't mean they are not saying it.

S.W. Anderson said...

There are times when I look at the news of the day, think things over, and realize that since I began blogging in 2003, I've been over that ground before. And, I don't feel that much like going over it again right now.

Enthusiasm gap? You betcha.

Roger Owen Green wrote, "Glenn Beck is coming to perform in Albany, NY this spring . . ."

My condolences to the good people of Albany whose IQ is greater than their shoe size. As for the rest, I hope they hand out bibs and knuckle guards at the gate.

Randal Graves said...

Oh great, Whitetail is gonna be flush with green herb & brown terrorists!