Sunday, September 26, 2010

Going to make them sweat

Almost every day I get a call for some survey. This I know is not your basic run of the mill household poll to wonder if you use a certain brand fabric softener. I know their motives. Some of them are blatantly stupid when they ask whether I was aware that Obama was going to take away my guns. For the most part I refuse to take part in their silly waste of time and money because that is the only power I have left against them. They make me sweat wondering if the economy will ever turn around. Now it's my turn. I'll just make them sweat and have them wonder if I'll even bother to vote in November. This is an election year, everybody should be working but they're not. One side would have you believe that it's because the other didn't lower taxes and spent a lot of money. That's funny isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place?

Will I vote D or will I vote R or will I just sit on my thumbs? Let 'em all sweat they deserve it.

Almost forgot two more banks hit the skids this week FL and WA.


BBC said...

I think that it'll be a cold day in hell before anyone can take all our guns away from us. They'll have to pull them from a lot of cold dead fingers and they'll pay a price for that.

We're Americans and we won't stand for that shit.

Demeur said...

Well now you know the BS I have to listen to almost every night. Yesterday it was taking away National prayer day.
Funny how Bush passed and repassed the Patriot Act that took away many of our rights and not a peep from them.

Tom Harper said...

Hi. Please take this short survey:

1. When you first found out that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim who pals around with terrorists, you reacted by:

a. Burning a Koran;
b. Attending a teabagger rally;
c. Turning on Fox News and cranking up the volume.

2. How will you react when your family members start getting executed by Obama's Death Panels?

Thank you for your time and for helping us keep America safe.

Tim said...

Hehehe Tom you crack me up..That was good. Demeur for some reason we don't get any calls. My wife says cause they know I'm still alive.
As for Charlton Heston, Nobody wants your guns. Just your bullets...

BBC said...

Nobody wants your guns. Just your bullets...

Oh yeah? Well I'm going to go buy another 500 round brick of them.

Be back soon.

BBC said...

Rick is still holding on okay in his shop, he's been putting on a lot of convertible tops this year. Everyone around here knows that if you want a convertible top installed right that Rick is the man to take it to.

Demeur said...

I think it was Chris Rock who was saying the end of gun violence would be when they made bullets $5000 each. I'd shoot you if I could afford it. :-)

BBC said...

I'd shoot you if I could afford it. :-)

Very poor people in Mexico somehow find the money to pay others to sneak them into this country. If bullets get to five grand a shot I think we'll figure out how to get the money.

But why bother, making guns and gun powder and bullets is an old art and just about anyone can learn how to make some kind of a weapon and buy most of the needed things at a Walmart.

But it's easier to just stock up on cheap ammo now, I'm sure most of it will still be here when I die, at least I hope so.

If you decide to shoot me bring beer, I'm entitled to a last meal and we can bullshit a little while I drink it.

Demeur said...

Damn Billy you could be a munitions millionaire if that happened.