Friday, September 10, 2010

Gasline explosion in San Fran destroys 53 homes 6 dead

Death toll rises as 200 firefighters battle blazes, scores injured.


Now that should get some innertube traffic for this little site. But let's turn this slightly political as I always do. Does this give you a clue that maybe, just maybe we should be rebuilding our infrastructure instead of wasting billions trying to rebuild another country that basically hates us anyway? Don't get me wrong I'm all for charity when it's necessary but what will the end result be after we've made our mark in the middle east? Do we really think we can impose our brand of democracy on peoples who've never know it? I think not.
The other side of the aisle blathers about spending and debt. I'd just love to have even 1/2 of what they spent over the 8 Bush years, all of which was not paid for with offsetting taxes. Imagine what a trillion dollars could do to the economy if it were invested in the right places. But no their plan is to freeze everything and cut taxes even more. Can you say "depression"? And as far as the Bush tax cuts I don't really care if they keep them or eliminate them on the middle class or not because what difference does it make when you don't have a job anyway? And those cuts only amounted to about $300 to $600 as I recall. We blow more than that on lattes in a year in this country.

I could go on and on. Beaver shots and bank failures later.


Randal Graves said...

You doubt our ability to be the first entity in 6000 years of civilization to bring peace to that region?

Demeur said...

Ah, Yeah.

an average patriot said...

Gas scares the hell out of me. We had that happen to the house on the corner and they end up like kindling.

I am stupefied knowing how bad our entire infrastructure is not just tunnels bridges and dams that we aren't rebuilding everything putting people to work and rebuilding America except for one word "Waterloo"

BBC said...

We try to rebuild other countries after beating the shit out of them because we want to convert them to us and how we are.

So lets put a big clusterfuck of homes together so that a lot of bad shit happens all at once.

Actually, I don't give a rats ass if some homes got destroyed, they're idiots for building that way.

Demeur said...

You haven't seen anything Billy. The houses they're building now are about 10 feet apart. If one goes then they all go.

The Blog Fodder said...

Attacking and "rebuilding" other countries is very profitable business, considering the billions of dollars that just disappear.

Actually, Afghanistan had a fairly stable (for them)secular socialist government for about 50 years up until the USA decided to hand the USSR its own Vietnam back in the mid-late 70's. They justified it by screaming "Communist take-over" etc.

It came back to haunt them, didn't it! They got two Vietnams going at the same time now. Who says there isn't a God?

The whole world would be better off if the money spent on military since the dawn of time had been spent on making people's lives better but it just isn't the human way of doing things.

Form teams with a hierarchy, send the little people out to kill little people on the other team, while the big people stay home and get rich.

Ranch Chimp said...

Goddamn F'n straight Dude!! Our infrastructure whether folk's f'n realize or not, is awful, because it has been neglected for f'n decade's dude! Something I havent even touched on yet in my bloody posting's. No ... it will just be looked at every goddamn time some disaster happen's and lives are lost. And frankly you hit the nail on the goddamn head ... I am so f'n bloody sick and tired of the goddamn pampering to these f'n ratshit nation's of corrupt dictator's just do do business there ... not a goddamn bit of those offshore inverstment's do not one goddamn American a damn bit of good! They frankly dont give a flying fuck about any of us dude ... and you know it better than anybody. I feel ya on the tax cut thing ... havent even bloody thought about that ... but what the fuck good would it do any working stiff? What a f'n disaster in San Bruno .... geeezzzz ... I cant imagine what that must have been like surviving it! And I believe personally until they prove otherwise, this is just more neglected shit. We have had many, many problem's here in Texas because of this ... right now as I write, ... million's/billion's have been put into action here to refit thousand's of underground pipe's across the Lone Star State, which has more than anywhere's in the nation actually. Another thing concerning job's ... have you ever looked into Texas? I'm serious, many folk's I know, neighbor's etc ... are from everywhere's else but here. Dallas/Fort Worth Metoplex is a pretty vibrant area (4th largest in the nation behind NYC,LA, and Chicago, with about 7 million now). I know you have a home there too ... alot of folk's are renting home's instead of buying too, which mean's you have property you can rent to create cash flow of some kind.

Later Guy.

Tom Harper said...

A beaver shot and a fiery explosion on the same day. You're on a roll.

As far as the tax cuts go, they'll all expire if Congress does nothing. And Nothing is what Congress does best.

Bustednuckles said...

Ten feet apart?
When is the last time you went to San Francisco?
You couldn't push a match book between a lot of those old joints up on the hill. I bought a brand new Honda 450 in San Bruno back in 85 and if it is still anything now like it was then, one good firestorm with the right wind behind it would burn from San Fran to San Jose, 50 miles away without even breathing hard.
It is one giant city, 50 miles long.