Thursday, September 30, 2010

A sad eureka moment

Just had one of those eureka moments. That would be about what's ahead if we don't get this country moving again. People think that we'll land up like a third world country. That's not far from the truth but it will be a slight deviation from that as I see it. As much as one side of the political spectrum would just love to scare you to death and say we need to pre-emptively bomb other nations it's not that simple. Their plan as sick as it may be is to use our military as the front men for the behind the scenes corporate wars that's going on. When we went into Afghanistan with our flags waving and our yellow support our troops bumper stickers made in China, it was not known about the vast mineral riches. Cheney himself was know to say "there's no good targets there". That should have been a tip off as to what was to follow. That was an indication of "the plan". For Cheney the plan was to find a country preferably with oil, bomb the poop out of it, make a ton of cash contracting to the troops (because that's part of what Haliburton does), then make another small fortune rebuilding the country and of course there's the oil fields. Just icing on one very large cake.
So what did we do? We invaded Iraq and blew the hell out of the place. But since there was no longer a banking system we had to send cash (hey didn't our parents tell us never to send cash?). And cash we sent, pallets of it to the tune of billions of dollars. Some $11 billion of it mysteriously growing legs and walking away. But what a cash cow Bush and Cheney created. With a no bid contract Haliburton could sub contract much of the work and charge what every they wanted. As an example where in the world could you have a load of military laundry done for $100 and have it come back nearly as dirty as when it was sent?

Where is this all heading? Unlike North Korea where in order to survive, it's a good idea to join the military, the U.S. is stuck with a bit of a problem. The baby boomers are about to retire so there's no large draft age population moving through the pipes. We've managed to automate much of the military with drones and we've outsourced many of the ground troops with mercinaries, but the fact remains we're running out of cannon fodder. That puts a crimp in the perpetual war plan. Yes I expect that we'll move into Pakistan and we may land up in Iran. The corporations benefitting from this will see none of the down side as the bill goes to the taxpayer. Remember we borrowed just to pay for our current wars. And unless a end can be brought it won't matter who resides in the White House over the next ten years taxes will need to go up and we already know where the brunt of that will fall because the rich create so many jobs you know. That is if youre a Wall Street boy or a Swiss banker.

Where will we be? Not in too good of shape I'm afraid. Congress just once again turned down a bill that would have stopped companies from shipping jobs over seas. Because after all peope around the world need jobs that pay 30 cents an hour and just how do you expect Mr. CEO to pay for his next McMansion in the Hamptons?

Where does this all leave us? I see something that's a cross between Clockwork Orange and Mad Max. The upper middle class living in RVs trying to find a parking spot and the rest living in tents trying to avoid authorities from rousting their camps. Funny how back in the 30s they let people camp on unused land. Not so today.


Roger Owen Green said...

BTW, we're no longer making light bulbs in this country anymore, so, absurdly, your graphic is now out of date. This bugs me more than I can say.

Demeur said...

Guess I should have used a candle. We still make candles here don't we?

Randal Graves said...

Welcome to thunderdome.

I guess I better get in shape if I'm going to have to start wearing postapocalyptic leather pants.

Tom Harper said...

I think we're heading towards the worst qualities of a destitute third world country and an Orwellian police state.

The Blog Fodder said...

Gentlemen, it is indeed a pleasure to see you thinking this way. I was just wondering last night when I couldn't sleep, where the soldiers were going to come from in the "everyman for himself" country you are creating. People might ask in this Teabagger paradise of the future, why should I die for this country; what has it ever done for me?
Then it hit me that the poor will always join the military as they have done for centuries, fighting the rich man's wars just for something to eat and a place to sleep.

an average patriot said...

Gates has the fact that 1% of those available are doing the fighting and he addressed the ivy leaguers and asked them to step up and do their share and you know what the chance of that is.

Do you remember before 9/11 and you can google this but Bush had meetings with the Taliban in the White House and in Crawford and threatened an attack if they did not agree to let him Cheney and condi build a pipe line through Afghanistan ( that's why we nicknamed it pipestan). They told him to go to hell and what a surprise, 9/11 happened and we attacked them.

I must have shown you this before but did you aver read we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan

S.W. Anderson said...

Kevin Phillips, in his books, Bad Money and Wealth and Democracy, has an interesting take on the pattern of decline of leading technological, economic and military powers. It's what happened to Spain, Holland and Britain, and it's happening to the U.S.

The cusp of passing from being No. 1 to secondary status, or less, is when a country quits producing things to sell and turns to finance, to money shuffling, speculation and borrowing. A wealthy, leisure class lives off interest on loans, dividends, rent payments, war booty and such, not producing anything. The government becomes beholden to the financiers, too. With agriculture, industry and business in decline, the middle class shrinks and its fortunes whither. The poor become more numerous and more trouble from time to time.

Evidently, no great nation to reach our current stage of finance being our biggest, most important economic sector has ever recovered leading-nation status. But as you can see by looking at Spain, Holland and Britain, neither have they descended into the sort of living-hell place you predict.

Probably the best possibility for ecaping the classic decline pattern would be to undergo a really big social and political upheaval in the space of 20 years or so. The country would have to reindustrialize, increase agriculture and deliberately put Wall Street, the banksters, the top 2 percent, in a tightly regulated, heavily taxed box to do those things.

It would also be essential to stop being the world's policeman. Not that we would never get into it with terrorists or other countries militarily, just that when the 911 call comes, we would no longer automatically respond with lights flashing, B-52s bombing and Marines landing. At times, we'd have to tell Europe, Japan, Israel and so on, sorry but you're going to have to handle it. We're not on permanent call any more.

BBC said...

I think we're heading towards the worst qualities of a destitute third world country and an Orwellian police state.

I'm heading into the mountains with a bunch of fucking bullets and some fishing poles.