Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a lying sack of poop

Here's a guy who when investigated by our congressional committee either couldn't remember or said he had nothing to do with the process, sang like a canary in front of some British grillers. Maybe next time we have an ongoing investigation we should just hire the Brits. They seem to get better results than we ever could.


S.W. Anderson said...

I suspect it has something to do with an knowing who has teeth and will use them.

To an extent like nothing I've ever seen, about all our contemporary congresses and Justice Department seem to be good at is deciding there is insufficient evidence to nail anyone with deep pockets or a political following, no matter how serious the apparent offense.

tim said...

Brits have Teeth? sorry english humor
Demeur we should have waterboarded the bastard...

sunshine said...

Well Tim beat me to the "teeth joke". Too bad. :(

Thanks for Following along my blog! :)
It ALMOST makes up for the "Eyetalian" dis on Randal's blog.
Almost....... ;p


Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... this is just another freakshow crock of shit that excite's the herd. :)

Not a goddamn thing is going to be done ... the same way they marched Tony to the Hill here to show they are "tough" .. all they do is after the show, cut him loose ... I laughed my ass off the other day when I seen this because it's all BS ... I actually did a step by step posting on the Drill hearing here as they were going down ... and gave a prediction of what would happen ... which came out like a carbon copy. He'll be runnin shit in Russia before long anywayz ... he dont give a shit ... and no one's gonna do a damn thing either. :)

Were ran in our government's by a bunch of thieves/ cheat's, coward's, liar's, and pansies .. who frankly aint gonna do shit about anything as I wrote time and again, until the people really take action ... and it appear's now ... it will have to be violent action as well. because the process doesnt even work anymore.

Ranch Chimp said...

Look at the show they also done with investment banker's ... same thing ... marched a bunch of gazillionaire's to the Hill ... asked them question's ... told us their getting tough, then later gave them billion's in bailout money that was used to put their name's on ballpark stadium's and do commercial's in prime time tele, as well as investment's in China and Saudi Arabia beside's here ... that's actually how stupid most American's have been ... and why they continue to do what they do. I have been countering them for several year's now ... I fuck them before they fuck me ... that's "wrong" ? ... first of all ... I dont believe in simpleton shit like right/ wrong, any more than stupidity like good/ evil ... I'm a survivor man ... and in this time ... if you play the game the way they legislate for you to, you will lose, plain and simple.

Randal Graves said...

Don't the Brits ask non-softballs 3% of the time, compared to our -52%?