Thursday, September 23, 2010

The plague on America

It's now even Halloween and we have zombies and plagues. And I was so hoping to save them for next month.
If you liked the Bush policies that got us into this mess then you'll just love the republican plan. In it are yet more tax cuts for the wealthy and business on top of making the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. Only problem with that drunken idea is that it was never paid for in the first place. So where would they come up with the funds to prevent yet more deficits? They refuse to cut military spending so that only leaves raiding social security and Medicare which isn't their's to begin with. They would undo the health care bill but do not say what their plan is to replace it. They want to privatize the VA. Imagine your son or daughter having to fight not one fight on the battle field but another to get the care he or she needs because for profits must, by their very nature, keep tabs on the bottom line and answer not to some government oversight agency but to shareholders. And we've seen how CEOs of the large medical companies have made out like bandits while their customers go with poor service or worse denied. They speak of death panels. Their ideas would give us death panels for all.

Funny how they say they support small business at a photo op then turn around and vote against a bill that supports small business on the very same day. They are against a bill that would close loopholes that make sending our jobs overseas and reward companies that keep them here.


S.W. Anderson said...

The most candid thing Boehner has ever said, he said in introducing this lobbyist-hack-written ploy: We're not going to change a thing; we're going to do the same things we did before. Chilling, too.

Rachel Maddow pointed out this evening that while they didn't dare put it in their plague prescription, rabid-right Republican pols have their charcoal-briquet hearts set on privatizing VA medical care.

I hope they're all over the place trying to peddle that notion. I predict it will do for them what trying to peddle privatizing Social Security did for George W. Bush's poll numbers in 2005.

BBC said...

I've been saying for years that it's going to collaspe, it can't be fixed to it has to collaspe so that we can build something decent on top of the ruins, so bring it on.

Like I've said before, the forefathers knew that America was just an experiment, and we can now consider it a failed experiment.

What better system can be built? Well, no one listens to me and I'm getting old and just don't give a fuck anymore, so it's up the younger generations to figure it out, their the ones that are going to have to live it.

I've said many times that it's impossible to come up with a good across the board affordable health card because no one wants to die, yet they do the dumbest things to invite death, then wants everyone else to pay for keeping them alive.

So here is a health care plan for you, take care of yourself and don't do stupid things.

So maybe some kids die, it's always been that way, they make more of them, so many of them that the rock is over populated.

And yet, we got lucky and have made it this far, so far. But lets face it, our days are also numbered.

So just toss me out there in the forest so I can return to nature, nothing in nature is wasted.

Wait, I'm an organ donor, rip them out and then toss me out in the forest.

BBC said...

If you see it as all failing the only recourse you have is to figure out how you will deal with it. That's pretty much what I've done.

Ranch Chimp said...

This is so short and accurate, that I cant even add to it, I dont think it get's any more clear and straight!

Demeur said...

Exactly what can you do Billy? There's no work. When there is work they won't hire older workers. You can't sell your house either because it's not worth what you own on it or simply that nobody's buying.
If these clowns get to eliminate SS and Medicare and you get sick then where will you be?

Randal Graves said...

Just privatize everything already, and when everyone days, the ghost of Nelson Muntz will triumph at last.

Tom Harper said...

On that Republican website called Ask America -- they're supposedly seeking advice from us lowly peons -- the 2nd most common suggestion is to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship their jobs overseas.

Think the Republicans will listen?