Sunday, November 13, 2011


Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result or something to that effect. So as we look out to the near future horizon we see what? Our wonderful government buying into chorus of tax cuts and austerity programs. Unfortunately this choir failed history class. They failed to note that in order to lift this country out of depression required massive government spending and it was paid for that time around with large increases in taxes on the wealthy. Never before have I witnessed the level of lack of compassion from first the meanies on the right and the enablers on the left. But I think we all know the reason for this behavior. I've seen more dignity displayed from a whore than our present legislators. But I guess a bought person is a bought person when it comes to our government. We've seen little to nothing in the way of relief from our present situation. And why should our congress act when their Johns are making a killing at the expense of the rest of us and getting well compensated for their lack of action? Put all the deadlines you want on any budget deal and they'll just kick the can down the road farther because their overlords are to busy selling worthless paper (adding absolutely nothing to the benefit of mankind I might add).

And now we are seeing the results of this financial squeeze with people taking to the streets because you can only suck so much blood out of a host before it discovers the bloated leech hanging on its' posterior. If you think that some security sweep of a public park is going to solve the problem think again. This Occupy movement is here to stay whether on the street of not. They know that when things are bad that there is freedom and freedom as it was once said is having nothing left to lose.
Those of the 1% have tried to define this movement in terms of overused slurs. Every manner of term that separates has been tried with little effect. Main stream media has done its' best to serve its' master and throw labels and smears too numberous to mention with little effect. The real revolution however will not be televised it's right here in cyberspace.
Those at the top should be worried because this is no rag tag bunch of slackers. These are people from all walks of life many with far more experience and education than our ineffectual leaders. In talking to several the other day I find more degrees than a thermometer and more experience than any congressman. But the latter isn't saying much considering the lack of response to the problem. So as I see it the game of cat and mouse will continue only this time the cat is way outnumbered and the mice are smarter. At some point the two will realize that they are actually on the same side and the owner is just sitting back enjoying the hunt.

To end let me say that business as usual can not continue. It will not move anything forward. Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results has resulted in our present condition. But the real question will be how to wrench power from our government without destroying the place in the process?


Tom Harper said...

You're right that the Occupy movement is here to stay, whether it's on the street or on the Internet. As one of the Watergate conspirators said 38 years ago, "once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's hard to get it back in."

BBC said...

I've never much cared about fucking money and have made it through 68 years on this in spite of that fact.

What is all this fucking obsession with money?

BBC said...

Sex, that's important, but money? Pffff

MRMacrum said...

We are headed for a serious correction of astronomical size. Not just here, but throughout the planet. It can either happen in smaller corrections we will be able to deal with or.............whatever happens, we are in the beginning of some very interesting times.

To BBC - Dude come on! Money is important. With it you can buy sex, even if you are butt ugly and drool.

Randal Graves said...

Destroying which place? The abstraction that is yet another failed system that's by definition destined to fail due to the inclusion of the human variable?

S.W. Anderson said...

People got spoiled in the 1940's-1970's because after all the New Deal and Fair Deal reforms, they enjoyed levels of economic and social security they had never known before, and because there was enough prosperity spread widely enough that all but the poorest saw things good and getting steadily better.

In that kind of environment, the political parties operated within certain bounds. It all began to break down in the late 1970's.

By the 1980's, a younger generation ignorant of the abuses of the pre-Depression economic system and the hardships they caused more or less took over politics. That generation grew up sheltered by the reforms, took them for granted and decided it would be OK to cast many of them off. We're now suffering the results of that ignorant hubris.

American history is marked by reform eras. We've needed one for years. I hope and think we're seeing the birth of one now. The danger, of course, is the damage that has been done to democracy itself. If people can't bring about reform peacefully through the political process, revolution is the alternative. The outcome of a revolution could be for better or for much worse.

Those with the money and influence to frustrate peaceful reform need to keep that in mind. They would be wise to clean up their act and pull their punches. If they don't, their next victory could turn out to be a pyrrhic one.