Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little guys are starting to win

Don't take this as some sexist slam it wasn't meant to be only the best image that I could find to illustrate a point. And sorry for the mixed metaphors I was in a hurry.

Us Peonage, as Randal Graves would call us, are beginning to put a crack in the establishment containment bubble dome forged through years of gnawing away at our rights and economic positions. What started as a simple protest in a park in New York city has quickly spread first nationally then globally to the likes this world has never seen. But the best part is the effects that this is having on the very people who's duty it is to provide our security. Realizing that they too are part of the majority they are stuck in a rather precarious position. That is to do either the will of their overlords who hold most of the wealth in this country or side with the protesters, the now unwashed masses.
In Oakland just a few days ago the mayor wiping egg from her face and facing a possible recall vote has had a change of heart and issued a memo stating that all non essential city workers were to take Wed. off to join in the protests. No one in Hollywood could have written such a script as I'm sure the audience would have scoffed it off as being unbelievable yet here it is happening in Livestream for the world to see as it unfolded.
This certainly has sent a mixed message to the Oakland police department as indicated by a letter from it's police union:

OAKLAND (KRON) -- The union representing Oakland police officers says its members are confused by the city's response to the Occupy Oakland movement.

In an "Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland," the Oakland Police Officers Association says, as a union, it identifies with some of the goals of the Occupy movement.

We, too, are the 99% fighting for better working conditions, fair treatment and the ability to provide a living for our children and families," the letter reads. "We are severely understaffed with many City beats remaining unprotected by police during the day and evening hours."

The letter notes its members followed Mayor Jean Quan's orders to clear Frank Ogawa Plaza and remove Occupy Oakland protestors. Within hours, the letter notes, the mayor had allowed demonstrators to return and set up tents.

Union leaders say they're also confused that the Mayor is giving most city workers Wednesday off to participate in the general strike Occupy Oakland is holding. At the same time, all police officers must report for work.

"That’s hundreds of City workers encouraged to take off work to participate in the protest against 'the establishment,'" the union's letter says. "But aren’t the Mayor and her Administration part of the establishment they are paying City employees to protest? Is it the City’s intention to have City employees on both sides of a skirmish line?"

The letter wraps up with a call for leadership from city officials.

"We love Oakland and just want to do our jobs to protect Oakland residents." it says. "We respectfully ask the citizens of Oakland to join us in demanding that our City officials, including Mayor Quan, make sound decisions and take responsibility for these decisions. Oakland is struggling – we need real leaders NOW who will step up and lead – not send mixed messages. Thank you for listening."

editors note: And now if we could just get our military to do an all out assault on the Hamptons we could have a mop up team finish the job by Thanksgiving.


Roger Owen Green said...

Power to the PEOPLE! Right on!

(who woulda thunk?)

Randal Graves said...

The next crack will be the bones of the Peonage.

BBC said...

It's all become so complex that nothing is black and white, it's all shades of gray and chaos.

Thomson S. Hunter was very interesting.

BBC said...

Hey, us peons can do okay for ourselves, at least I do.

BBC said...

Judging by this mornings news the little guys are starting to get the shit beat out of them.