Monday, November 7, 2011

Something Titillating for a Tuesday

I must give this women credit. She sure knows how to bring attention to the issues. This would be Aleksandra Shevchenko who is protesting against the policies of the Vaticans' long held anti contraception anti abortion stances. She was finishing up a tour of protests through out Europe that ended in Romes' Vatican Square. Must say she got my attention. I'll have to look into this further.

Then there is the nefarious activities of the soon to be not front runner Herman Cain as the clown circus keeps rolling along. Come on Herman you know you had to do better than an upgraded suit and dinner to land this one. Maybe a $999 tip might have done the trick but considering your approach I kind of doubt it. Hey don't you know that sex is limited to after you make it to the White House?

Well at least he didn't get caught like a certain football assistant at Penn State. Didn't really read all the details on that one but I guess it gives new meaning to phrase "horsing around in the locker room". And by the staid and proper image so many organizations are trying to present you'd think we lived in the Victorian era. But then those who have studied that period of history know that it wasn't all cracked up to what was reported. Just wonder how they got out of all those corsets and such is a mystery but they did have more time on their hands among other things. Cell phones, computers, video games, dvds, and tivo can be distractions to such physical pleasures.

Okay okay it's Monday night, I cheated but there'll be no pay offs for this one.


Roger Owen Green said...

The problem is that it happened a while ago, someone reported it to Joe Pa, who said, Hey take this to someone else. The someone elses are gone, and Joe Pa will be next.

Randal Graves said...

Sex sells.

Good thing they didn't have computers back then, Disraeli would have spent half his time surfing

an average patriot said...

I listened to Caine and believed him but after listening to facts from those in the know he is lying through his teeth from beginning to end.

As for Sandusky I heard a lot of people take showers in a stadium so who knows but I just heard he was seen sodomizing the kid. WTF? Nothing was done about that? Inexcusable!

BBC said...

A bigger picture of her would have been nice so I could get a better look at that tit.

BBC said...

Hey don't you know that sex is limited to after you make it to the White House?

Blow jobs? Hell, that's just another reason to not be president. Bring back JFK, he screwed every woman that would let him, and a lot of them did.

And the press stayed the fuck out of his monkey business, just as it should be.