Friday, November 18, 2011

Pussies with dirty laundry

No political campaign season would be complete without this however it seems the pickings are slim this time around. Only a little groping has surfaced. But then again the season is still very young. And of course our feline friends here could care less whether the laundry's dirty or not. They just want a cozy soft spot after a feast of tuna. With political candidates it's a different story. They devote entire staffs combing every shred of document that might benefit their perverted sense of decency. So what if you saw Mary Jane's underwear in the fifth grade and the teacher caught you. Nobody cares about that now. Ah that's right the teacher said it would go on your permanent record to follow you to you death bed and nothing good will become of you with a bad record.
But with this lot from the clown circus there's no need to delve into pasts. If they aren't stumbling over themselves in fits of stupidity they're busy with their circular firing squad. A village idiots' convention is more adept but no less entertaining. But the novelty just may wear off. How many more months do we need to endure this before the general election? Until then let the clown wagon rolls on. Gad they sure sound like clowns with names like Mitt, Newt, Ron, and Herman. Each with their complete lack of knowledge as to how to fix our broken country and even less knowledge of foreign policy.

Oh and one more thing. My sincerest apologies to the pussies but to their credit they do have an olfactory endurance.

bank fails later as usual.
There was two this week in IA and LA and if memory serves correct that brings the total since this storm hit to nearly 400.


MRMacrum said...

I'd say collectively they might be able to rustle up a clue as to how to change a light bulb. But you never know, all of them might want to be the man at the top of the ladder instead of being one of the crowd who turns it.

an average patriot said...

I love that picture, aren't cats great? I fully expect the scum that call themselves the super committee are going to kick the can down the road again. I am sick of these frigging games. I wish we would get rid of the worthless scum.

The Chinese and the world must think we are a bunch of clowns. The Chinese at least are stymied as to our standing up to them in Asia.

S.W. Anderson said...

In late-breaking news — that will come as news to the CIA, i'm sure — noted authority on whatever falls out of his ever-open mouth, Herman today announced the Taliban and al Qaeda are operating in Libya and have been since the U.S. started intervening.

(BTW, our jet-black, jaguar-lithe cat, Fritz, takes up residence on top of the dryer on laundry day and whenever the dryer is running, except in very hot weather. Gets a nice, warm, all-over vibra-massage every time.)

BBC said...

There's no such thing as no sinners. It's just that some don't get caught.

Like..... There’s women that have sucked cocks, women that will be sucking cocks, and women that are liars, or silent.


Demeur said...

Crum I've come to the conclusion that none of them wants to be president. They just want to do fundraising, book signings and line their pockets before this thing ends.

AAP - There a scary thought having one of these guys face china. Cain might say something stupid like no tickee no washee.

SW you mean he didn't mention that we should now go over and get Gadafi. And how do you say delicious in Libyan?

And Billy just what is you position on the issue? That of course would depend on the day and the city you are in. Did I say that? Why of course I never said that. Unless you agree then I said it.

Randal Graves said...

There's an election?

BBC said...

There's an election?

Yes, and some erections. But while you can change some faces you are not going to change things so expect for things to keep getting worse.

Americans elect the wrong monkeys, of course with the stupid system we have we have little choice, one of the idiots running is going to make it to office, it wouldn't do any good to try to get someone doing write in's.

Many of them are millionaires, they can't afford to change things much, it would cost them money, they're married to wall street and greedy capitalism.

BBC said...

I've never let folitics interfere with my life. Just keep an eye on things and decide what you have to do to keep your life in order.