Monday, November 14, 2011

What a game

I'm not talking about the one you might have seen on Sunday afternoon. I'm talking about Wall Street. And add to the mix the bundles of cash our congress makes from gaming the system. How delicious it was to read the micro expressions on the faces of congress when asked if they might think there was a bit of conflict of interest when they were sat on subcommittees making the rules for companies while at the same time benefited from stock purchases from those same companies. "Lie to Me" was such a great learning program. A twitch of the lip a raise of an eyebrow and you just announced to America you lied. But why should I be surprised? After all congress is not under the same rules as the rest of us peons. Didn't know that? It's true. Where we would be facing 5 to 10 in a state pen for insider trading they get a free pass complements of rules that they passed. You don't need to be in the Mafia. Just make it to Capitol Hill in D.C. and you're set for life.

Ah but there's more to this tangled web than some bloviated spider sucking its' victims dry. Think you know why the stock markets act as they do? That just because some tin horn dictator gets bumped off in a far away land that that some how effects the price of washing machines a world away. Oh think again. It's called program trading done by super computers. The guy with the fastest and the biggest one wins every time. That computer doesn't care what happens to anybody. You life doesn't mean a tinkers damn to it. It's set to execute orders faster than light speed. We could be swimming in oil and it will make the price of crude jump making a tidy profit for the investment house. Then the losses get dumped on the little guy with junk no one in their right mind would buy if they actually did their homework. But I guess homework always was a dirty word in the eyes of the sheeple it is after all made up of two four letter words.

As I said before the shit storm is about to commence. No one has done anything remotely constructive in fixing our financial mess and that includes the rest of the world. Head line reads Greece and Italy headed for recession. Well no shit sherlock. Slap austerity measures on any country and see how fast it rebounds. The beatings will continue until moral improves.
Like it our not you are part of this game. There's no getting out. No cashing in of chips here. Anything you buy has been effected by this game of chance. Only the house always wins in this game because the cards are marked and the dealers are bought off.


BBC said...

I think capital hill is the mafia, but having said that I get by on my income and can still afford a fun friend that happens to like cranky men.

BBC said...

You know what is going to happen after the next elections? The shit is going to hit the fan.

Demeur said...

The shit is already starting to hit the fan. Wait till the next round of budget cuts due next month. And then there's our state budget that's in the hole.

MRMacrum said...

Jackson Browne's tune "Running on Empty" comes to mind

Randal Graves said...

Lie to Me is a great Buffy episode.

Anonymous said...

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S.W. Anderson said...

As I said after Obama was sworn in, the country needs a no-holds-barred reformer. We got someone not quite up to that, but he will have to do for now.

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