Friday, March 22, 2013

Chilly Friday beaver


Second day of spring and what do we get? Snow of course. Poor beavers don't know what to think so I guess they'll have to wait it out until later in the day after it all melts. That's the way we roll up here in the northwest.

Cyprus isn't looking too good. They know if they open the banks there'll be a run on cash like money is free. Can't fault them for that. Would you want your account drained by 6 to 10% when it wasn't you who screwed up? Let's face it the country will default so just bring in the vultures and be done with it. Iceland made it out okay.

Today is World Water Day the focus being on sustainable safe drinking water for the billions on the planet. The two major sources of problems are the industrial pollutants we dump into our waterways every day and the fact that 2.5 billion have no toilet and resort to "doing it" wherever is convenient. Sad fact is that a simple sand filter can be fashioned and is cheap to operate. They've been using these in Africa for years. If only we'd think simply instead of creating high tech complicated computerized systems.

Here's something I bet nobody ever thought about. We've heard so much about gay marriage but nobody thought about gay divorce. How is that going to work out? Which one's the wife and which one's the husband? Who pays child support and who pays alimony? Judges are going to have a fun time with that.

South Korea
Quick background and how things change. We fought the north to a stalemate along side the south Korean forces. All was frozen in time since the early 50s. The youth of the country forgot what it was all about and became complacent. With mounting tensions and more saber rattling it should be a wake up call. Now we have a cyberattack. The source is said to come from China but as we all know web addresses can be hidden. You can put on your tin foil hat and make all kinds of conspiracy theories out of that one. But it will be interesting to see what korean youth makes of all this. I'm sure being plugged into the electronic information age they must be a bit concerned by now. It is after all a worry when you hit an ATM for a weekend of fun and the thing won't work that they might take notice. Or perhaps this was a test of our own cyber abilities like some sort of black flag operation. We may never know.  But it is a bit disheartening to think that maybe your money isn't quite as safe as you thought it was. Banks are said to have the best encryption codes or so they say.

Our Bank fails later
Update: No fails this week  


BBC said...

I've addressed about the joys of gay divorce before.

No snow here all winter and mowed Helen's yard a few days ago.

Supposed to be decent today, will take Harry to the shooting range if he is up to it.

S.W. Anderson said...

We've had snow, hail, rain, lots of wind and some sunshine in Eastern Washington this week. Some days we had all those things. What's been consistent is that it's too damned cold. Down in the low 20's overnight. Daytime, it mostly goes up into low 40's.

Summer comes on over here with great reluctance, one or two steps forward then three or four steps back toward winter. The closest we can come to counting on it is sometime during the first week of July. June is often more like February than it's like May. And May is no prize in my book.

Cyprus' government has come up with the perfect scheme to destroy its banking system. What spectacular stupidity. And why is the government doing that? So it can get a bailout loan from other European banks. I'm not sure what the answer for Cyprus' difficulties is, but I'm quite sure destroying its banking system, enraging its people and further damaging its own economy is not it.

Demeur said...

Just don't shoot Harry in the process.

I suspect that Cyprus and Greece will collapse. No way can they pay the debt that's been laid on them. And it's the same everywhere. The rich just haven't paid their fair share. We never had these problems when the tax rates for the upper class was 70% and they still weren't hurting.

BBC said...

Russia pretty much collapsed some years back, don't recalling that it had much effect on us. Fuck Cyprus.

billy pilgrim said...

bbc makes an excellent point.

most of the money in cyprus is foreign to evade taxes in the home country and there's an absolute shit load of russian mafia money.

Anonymous said...

FUCKOFF, anonymous @ 6:36 PM, you asshole.

Shooting that bastard Harry could only be an improvement.

harry said...

Can I sign back in now?